Sunday, May 15, 2011

15th May World's Qualifier's Top16 Qualifier Thingy report

Went to Gamers Arena get my Pots (2 of them and borrowed 1 from Cookie) and joined the tourney.

The show up was small, 18 only as opposed to last weeks huge turn out (which luckily I did not go).

Deck used : Sabers

Cause I'm almost certain no one knows what this deck does and how to counter it. I tech it to the max too.

1st match vs Jun Pak - Machina Gadget

1st duel - Random saber stunts.
2nd duel - Pashuul became the only thing between me and his massive field, stalled for 5 turns until he had an answer.
3rd duel - He flipped my Cyber Dragon face down, I declair fusion with his 2 machines, we asked the head judge, which he approves and proceed to attack with a 3000 beats.

1 - 0

2nd match vs Fishtank - Samurai

1st duel - Hand blew my Pashuul and Emmers.
2nd duel - Trap Stun, Hyunlei and Faultroll.
3rd duel - He drops Shi-En and Yaichi on me, I have a Faultroll, a Pot, a MST, Mirror Force, Solemn and BTH.

1 - 1

I got a bye for round 3 cause my opponent decided to go home (probably due to 2 loss).

2 - 1

4th match vs Whirldwind BF

The dude was told me before the duel he knows nothing bout sabers and he will ask me for the effects of the cards.

1st duel - I declair Syncro, he lets it pass, and when I look into my extra deck, he ask me if there is any level 6 Saber, I explained to him Hyunlei's effect, then he suddenly ask for a replay. He backed me up after that cause his backrow was good, but Pashuul saved me from Trishula and Shura. I stalled long enough for Faultroll to come into play and turn the duel around.
2nd duel - He starts with Shura, grab Blizzard and 4 backrows. Got owned.
3rd duel - Hyunlei completely owns the dude, as he sets cards like Forbidden Lance and stuff (and even a Dark Hole once, cause he doesn't want his Mirror Force to get MST'ed, so much for that).

When I stood up, he was so upset(and screaming...) and was like telling his mates that he knew nothing about sabers, thats why he loss. I originally wanted to just say it to his face "I don't even have Boggard and Darksoul, and I still owned you" but Fishtank stopped me.

3 - 1

5th match vs Karakuri

1st duel - I have Veiler in hand for his Burei and it hits into Warrior Lady. Airbellum just keeps poking his life and hand off the board.
2nd duel - I backed him up again, and he pulled Karakuri Komachi "wateverthename" but I have Chain Disappearance. And I ended with Scrap, Gottoms up in front, Oppression(set) and Reborn in hand. He has no hand nor field, and he surrendered after looking at the top card.

4 - 1

So, top 4.

Top 4 vs Machina Gadget.

This is a not a duel but an amateur comedy act. We are literally trying to make the other laugh as opposed to Fishtank's serious duel at the other table.

And apparently, my opponent worships Karl Lim (since his dead for a certain reason and his soul would strengthen your card playing skills and allow you to pull off impossible fleats). Its actually a religion that offers annual sacrifice (in terms of Pot of Duality) to the divine being (Karl). Say his name 3 times before your every move (including draws) and you will succeed.

1st duel -My deck has 17 monsters, I pull 6. But lasted at least 15 turns before losing.
2nd duel -I sided for this match up, but my monster count is now 14. I start, I drew ... 6 monsters ... Apparently Karl Lim chanting really does work.

Result : Top 4

And the guy also proceed to beat Fishtank's 1st turn Shi-En and 3 backrows by SHOUTING Karl Lim every time before he draws or do just about anything.

So, remember, when you are in a dire situation, don't believe in the heart of the cards, just believe in Karl Lim.


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To hell with Atem and Astral, we have Karl Lim!

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