Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Miracle Fusion

This WAS part 2 of my previous post that went missing for some reason. Try to remember this off my head, so don't be surprise I miss something, then again, how would you know?

My part 2 strays away from Super Poly completely and state how Miracle Fusion will be getting better and better.

Miracle Fusion has always been E HEROs ace card. Since Cybernetic Revolution and will be for as long as HERO is around.

This week end, E HERO Escuridão (can someone tell me how you read it?) will be hitting the book stores. People are hyping about it alot. And it looks like Super Polymerization will be a God of a card. It sure looks like it ... but no.

A card's worth isn't how it looks. Its what it can do. And what it can do is this : Put Miracle Fusion in a DANGEROUS spot for the banned list.

GX is officially history, there is nothing backing Miracle Fusion up anymore, and giving it more support isn't helping it in this case.

This HERO is one I've been always wanting to get but at the same time, wish never to appear. I don't want my precious Miracle Fusion on the limited list.

Miracle Fusion is the E HERO equivalent of Black Whirlwind and Gateway of the Six.

So, is E HERO's single most powerful spell gonna get hit? Finally?

NO. Its not, at least not now.


1. What good dark monster fits into E HERO without already being in there. Gorz and Spirit Reaper (in Debris HERO) are the only ones I think (if you take D HERO Zero variants, which I hate, out of the equation).

And even with the ability to fuse them, is it gonna change anything? Not really. His gonna go for Shining anyway, giving him another option isn't that important.

2. People will try to fit 3 Super Poly Main deck. And people will put their attention on those. Banned Super Poly, I couldn't care less, well, aside from the cash I used to bought them.

Back to Super Poly.

Decks that play the card, HERO beat and HERO Fusion. Thats it, Debris HERO don't play them, unless tech.

These 2 decks will enjoy THE last E HERO and Super Poly. The others ... not really.

But running SP in 3s will kill you. Why? HERO beat plays 15 traps, you think they wanna ditch any of them? HERO Fusion doesn't gain advantage all that much, ditching more hands can be bad.

Conclusion : Super Polymerization is an amazing card, but it only truly shows its worth against 1 deck, E HERO. Yes, its a Mirror Match card. Unless you don't run any extra deck and then the card can be a great side deck.

The only instance where maining 3 Super Poly isn't a dumb move is a HERO mirror (maybe scraps and Doppel too, but you get my point), and those are rare in Malaysia.

Thanks for reading this long ass rant!


fernando said...

Hello LGQ, i posted a video on youtube pronouncing the name of E-HERO Escuridão, it's how we pronounce and write in portuguese here in Brazil. Please give a look on it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDREUKMk8OI


mike said...

Glad to hear your insight about E Heroes.

Hearing it from a long term player is always good because sometimes our sense of judgment can get clouded or something haha

Buu said...

I'm glad there's another brazilian guy reading this blog, I'm from Brazil too and the read is perfect, I'm very glad that the hero received this awesome name.

I guess People are overvaluing SP with the came of Escuridão.

-moz said...

You can just read it as

"X" like the "ex" from "excuse";
"Cu" like the one in "Cuprum";
'Ri" like in "Kuriboh";
"Duh" is from The Simpsons;
"Oh!" from "Yu-Gi-Oh!".

And yes, Escuridão is a Latin word.

LGQ said...

Thanks for the vid, although I'm gonna have a hard time pronouncing it XP.

Big thanks to you dude

LGQ said...

Maybe a new HERO build will pop out that fully utilize the card, I don't know, but the current builds will not be able to play Super Poly to its fullest, and never will