Wednesday, May 25, 2011

500th Post Guys!!

Woo Hoo!! It took a long time, but I'm finally here.

Sorry for a few days offline, Internship sucks, it made me hate doing what I used to liked, must be the rules and long working hours and shit, 10 hours a day, you gotta be kidding me.

On TCG side :

The changing of the game terms. Nicely done. Its about time, giving actual "names" to effects and gameplay mechanics we see since the dawn of games.

1. Remove from Play --> Banish

I agree with a fellow blogger here. MTG?

2. Is remove from the field --> Leaves the field

Easier to understand overall, since the old term will lead to some fools with no clue about ruling to go crazy, on lets say duelnet? Its now shorter, easier to understand and saves some ink ... for those of you who prints card effect on paper.

3. During battle between this attacking card and a Defense Position monster whose DEF is lower than the ATK of this card, inflict the difference as Battle Damage to your opponent --> Piercing

I guessed Cyberdark Horn was a card from 2011 then. It had piercing on it. This saves a lot of ink, a lot of them. Notice how long the old text used to be, and see how short it is now. Good for report writing.

4. Hero --> HERO

I guess Konami has been reading to my blog then. And maybe because HEROs are always written in CAPLOCKS in OCG, but I guess the former is the better reason. :)

I could not see HOW this would affect OCG ... at all.

Zombie Plant Syncro won YCS .. Atlanta I believe. Surprised when I saw the man's 1st feature, mainly his deck, not surprised he won the whole thing. Good deck is good. And awesome tech is Godlike.

OCG side :

Did anything really happened?

Just got back from the so called work thing most people do, tired as f:)k, no more from me today.

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ZXtheD999 said...

YCS Orlando lol. Atlanta was Gravekeepers :p