Saturday, May 21, 2011


So, for some reason, I can't get one Duelnet, cause it keeps showing me this white page and wants me to refresh and stuff, got bored and go get myself lunch at a local Chinese food stall.

Anyway, I saw this awesome BF decklist on Irish Duelist (and along that awesome Keepers), it top some event, but I don't know what event it is, and I don't really think its important.

Build that BF deck on Duelnet yesterday night, real difference with the one I had was the 2 Lance and 2 7 Tools, but these 4 cards made all the difference.

The deck was awesome, made me think how the hell I beat BF at locals when this deck is still so freaking awesome. I know how it loses to Samurai, cause it can't really break through a REAL Shi-En lock without godlike hands, but its still very very awesome.

In the 10 games or so, I experience no dead-draws, everything works very very well, and 2 guys A.S.S'ed me cause shi-en got run over by Shura and Sirocco.

I can't do shit at the moment, cause I'm stuck at home and bloody Duelnet is letting me down. So, I can't continue testing that BF deck and express how good it really is.

And the Keepers/Gladial deck, is awesome. Although I say you'll fail badly if you try to netdeck it and play it at locals.


Oh yeah, I also did a bit of an update to my sabers list from the post before. Cause I find Forbidden Lance EXTREMELY powerful (in theory and in a BF deck anyways), I've decided to put 2 of them into the deck, but still can't find cards that I might take out thou, work in progress.

Took out Sangan for a Darksoul because Mike and others are trying so hard to convince me how good the little dude with an oversized scythe is.

Well, its a saber, and it searches, so it does have his uses. But I lost 2 games because his attack is too low, where as I could take out that Rai-Oh in defence with Sangan, and Kageki in another match, and would have won right there (the dude has 200 life left). But not much to complain aside from the lack of field presence overall.

And I think I'm being playing him wrong thou, the only times Darksoul was used was revive by Faultroll and released for Gottom's effect. And get another saber in the end turn for hand advantage. Which may or may not matter since my opponent has nothing left anyway.

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When people A.S.S. u, screeshot it and talk to a admin.