Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Random Update#7

Sorry for almost no update for the past week, I was staying at Lam's house and I just can't get into the mood (no wonder he doesn't post often). I bought a SD18, for some reason I don't even plan to use it. I have next to no idea why I bought it, I think its for the sake of Cyber Valley and Inferno Reckless Summon. Dimension Prison ... I have Sakuretsu Armor!!

Met with Mike for the second time last Friday, sadly Khye could not join us or it would be like a Malaysian YGO blogger gathering!!

Good things that happened that day :

1. Get my Playset of Trago, Shocker, Ducker and Dimension Alchemist
2. Finally get myself a collection of Chaos cards
3. Finally get rid of my DCK, almost all of my FL and BF!!

Bad things that happened :

1. Bought SD18 for no reason apparently, SHIT I WASTED MONEY!!
2. Mike won't trade his Red Eyes to me!!
3. I'm using Gadget...

For the past week with access to a PSP and TF4, I think I build more than 20 decks that I tested with LightLord, most of them have a 50% chance of victory, so I think I'll post the fun ones when I have the mood. BTW, the Destiny Board deck down below is one of them.

Nothing till tonight I guess, maybe I'll make some deck this afternoon and it might be a good one, who knows.

Looking for :

2x Chain Strike
2x Cyber Valley
2x Hand Destruction
Xx Worm Links

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