Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Look in the Sky!! Its a Penguin!! Its a Airship!! No!! Its a Random Fat Megaman Wannabe!!

15 minutes ago, I was watching this boring show that my family members seem to enjoy while having supper. I saw this villain look a bit like Bubbleman.... or maybe Batman as I think the two look alike. So, I came up with a revolutionary E HERO deck, one that plays Bubbleman as it's center piece.

Crazy ? Idiotic ? Never gonna work ? duh!! Its just a fun deck so don't even bother try pitching it against Top Tier decks, it ain't gonna work.

I'll explain how this deck came into mind in a second. Now, we take a look at this deck.

BUBBLE - MAN!! (this is suppose to sound like SUPER-MAN!! or BATMAN!!):

monsters (13):

3x E HERO Bubbleman
3x E HERO Prisma
2x E HERO Edgeman
2x E HERO Ocean
1x E HERO Stratos
1x E HERO Forestman
1x Morphing Pot // E HERO Necro Darkman

spells (17):

2x Bubble Shuffle
2x Bubble Shot
2x Bubble Illusion
3x E Emergency Call
3x Miracle Fusion
2x Polymerization
1x Hope of Fifth
1x The Warrior Returning Alive
1x Heavy Storm

traps (10):

3x Hero Signal
3x Raigeki Break
3x Rope of Life
1x A Hero Emerges (俺!参上!)

Extra :

3x E HERO Absolute ZERO
3x E HERO The Shining
3x E HERO Gaia
3x E HERO The Earth
1x E HERO BladeEgde
1x E HERO Dark Bright (or Necro Shaman , but Dark Bright is a Holo)
1x E HERO Steam Healer (same as above)

Key Cards :

E HERO Bubbleman//Penguin//Megaman Wannabe//Random Fat Guy with Glasses

as an E HERO player, I know how good this card really is. With some control cards, this card would just become a +2 for free. For example, if you send your fusions ramming into your opponent, that may leave you empty, then this card instantly becomes a +2. With E Call, this card becomes a Top deck favorite. 1 thing all E HERO fusion based deck have in common is that it take up a lot of your hand. So, this card is one that you'll really need.

E HERO Prisma

do I really need to ? Basically it just becomes Bubbleman and lets you activate the conditional cards. Send Heroes into the grave for Miracle Fusion while being a beat stick.

Bubble Shuffle
Main card of the deck. Change your opponent monster into defense and summon something big to beat the crap out of it. Looks very good on paper!!

Bubble Shot

Make Bubbleman a 1600. Can help you get pass some small fry, but its here mainly because its a Bubbleman card.

Bubble Illusion

Lets your activate a trap from hand. That's it!! (he looks like Penguin from Batman in that costume)

Rope of Life

Get rid of your hand while reviving your monster and make it a +800. Honest and Kalut is just not so scary any more. Edgeman just became a 3400 and Prisma can ram into Stardust. Lets you get your Bubbleman and Airman for further advantage!!


I know this is a STUPID deck. But I think it can be a very fun one (and a very expensive one). This concept was actually though of when I just started playing E HERO but I never really went pass that. Now with a very much larger card pool, this deck could really be a fairy good fun deck!!

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