Sunday, December 20, 2009

Random Update#8

In a few hours (more like an hour and a half), me and Lam would be going to a new locals to play there for the first. Well, not exactly new. Lam has bought cards from that particular shop since 15 years ago!! 15!! Its not YGO then, but you get the picture how old this shop is.

The other day, me, Lam and my aunt went to this old shopping mall for lunch, where Lam said that there is a card shop there. Interested, we go there to take a look, guess what. It was closed. Apparently, they don't open during Monday's . But Lam said they sell singles as he saw them while buying binder pages for me a while back. A friend of ours went there a couple of days ago and told us they held tourneys every Sunday.

I'm really interested in meeting new people there(if there are any) and do some trades.

Oh, for those of you who don't know (I doubt it), Judgment Dragoon is being reprinted in Gold Series 2010 in Gold Rare ... and COMMON!! Stay tune for a video update of me burning these hopeless dragons(no puns)!! I'm pretty excited on the Book of Moon and Solemn Judgment reprints though, could use a few Gold Rare ones. According to Mike, there is a rumor stating that Gorz and Caius are also being release. Personally, I would prefer Mezuki and Prisma being mass release. They did said popular cards right?

Seriously Konami, if you wanna make LS affordable, reprint Lyla and Celestia, not Judgment "Freakin" Dragoon. I should probably state that 1 Lyla or Celestia = 2.5 Judgment Dragoon in OCG.

Oh ya! Another card I seriously hope they reprint is Red Eyes Wyvern!! I really need this bad boy in my Red Eyes Deck (aka my second main deck right now)!! Its not completed yet because I don't have 3x PG Red Eye!! NO!! (aparently, my EGO won't allow me to use Red Eyes from another set for my deck, this is the same problem faced by Lam, as he won't build his Blue Eyes deck until he has both a LB Blue Eyes and a EX Blue Eyes)

P.S I'll be going to Singapore starting next Wednesday, so expect little to no post!!

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[HD]Lam said...

eh not 15 years ago... 11 years ago when yoyo is the bomb and I got my Envoy of beginning there when I was 12 which is 6 years back then