Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Random Rants on PP12 + WInged Dragon of Ra

After 2 years, we finally get a new Premium Pack. I was looking at Shriek's OCG site and saw it just now. Not really interested by the first few cards and was staring to get disappointed until it hit me that these are all manga cards. Then I saw E HERO The GREAT Tornado!! I was like "HELL YEAH!! I"M FREAK'n GETTING THIS PACK" ... until I see the next card... Parallel World Fusion. The card that I wish for since I saw it in the manga about 3 years ago. You really can't describe my face if you saw it. I think I sat there blank for at least 2 minutes!!

How good can that be. A PP with a very powerful E HERO fusion and a card that is way cooler than Super Polymelisation (I love Super Poly for your info). Man!! The Koyou Tamashi is boiling inside of me!!

Then, I was like "good job Konami!! You finally give what me...ahem, US YGO PLAYER wants!!" And I saw Ra's picture. Its still in Black and White but it looks very cool. I feel impressed with Kazuki's drawing although he had not been drawing since YGO finished 5 and a half years ago. Then I look at the effect....

WARNING!! The below scenario is filled with untranslatable text, please suffer with us!!

Me : "Now, lets take a look at its effect, hope they didn't Nerf God Phoenix or the OTK thing. Lets see, "This card cannot be ...Special ... Summon....?""


Me : "What? What! WHAT!!! THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE (in Marik's famous sadistic tone, AKA the thing he say in almost every MAD his in, and just before he got punch in the gut by Obelisk)"

Me : "WTF is this!! How the hell am I gonna Monster Reborn it back and freakin' OTK my opponent!! ... oh wait, Monster Reborn is banned... not important!! How the hell is this card gonna OTK like this!!"

For those who read the manga or watch the original series, you'll know that the term ONE TURN KILL was created by Kazuki to describe how powerful Ra is. Meaning OTK was created by RA himself, with Monster Reborn's help. How can the Godfather of OTK can't OTK.

Ra without the ability to special summon is like a Chinese guy that don't eat rice, an Indian that is White, a Malay guy that eats Pork..., a certain card shop owner in Sg Wang not selling things expensive and a certain guy from Penang not eating a crap load of food. IT CANNOT BE ACCEPTED!!

I really wish this is not confirm!!


Anonymous said...

Is this E-Hero Fusion between a Hero and a Wind monster or something like that? I could sure use that kind of card.

Duelist#LGQ said...

Its a fusion between a E HERO monster and a Wind Attribute monster