Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back from Singapore

well, I reach KL 10:30 yesterday at Subang Airport last night, was too tired to post any thing so I do it now!!

many things happened last week at Singapore, I'll just list them out!!

1. Met Neuxcharge, Fireowner, Angryboy, Baha, Rauzes(surprise!) among others (sorry I can't really remember everyone!!

2. Got some great cards free and bought alot more for a very good price. I stated to Rauzes : "I like this country already!"

3. Bought 3 packs of Hidden Arsenals, and got Mist Wurm and 2 Thunder Bird

4. Got 2 more Prisma, 2 Red Eyes Wyvern and 2 more Shiba Warrior Taro!! Another P5 Red Eyes as well, Thanks Fireowner!!

5. Still have 35$ in my wallet, I regret not using them up!!

6. Got cheated(not really, but that just makes me felt better) by an Indian shop keeper at the train station (they sell cards!!), and bad pulls of a pack of Yugi DP at the same shop!!

7. Got Sin Blue Eyes!!

8. Did not enter the Starlight Road tourney!! YES!!... NOOOOO!!!

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