Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Killer Combo !! Handless!!

Just watch 5D's 87 and it really makes me wanna built an Infernity deck!! Only one problem, ITS HELLA EXPENSIVE. 3 Daemons would cost you a fortune, not to mention the Guardians and Destroyers, the Midget doesn't count.

I was thinking about this deck concept while having breakfast while watching 5D's, by the way, I had Char Siew rice for breakfast, so don't bother asking....

We all know Infernity is the worst deck in terms of keeping a hand advantage. But its one of the few decks that really have a very good support. Aside from Fortune Lady and this, the other Dark Signer Archtype really just isn't anything. But comparing INfernity to FL just makes FL a lot less apealling.

When playing Infernity, one thing we need to do is , obviously keep your hand at 0. And too many monsters just doesn't work as described in the Card Kingdom video. I figure the monster count should be around 13 if not lesser. And with Infernity Death Dragon coming out soon, its just reasonable to have a couple of tuners in the deck.

Ladies and Gents , may I present!!

100% Handless Infernity (40)

monsters (13):

3x Infernity Daemon
3x Infernity Necromancer
3x Infernity Guardian
2x Infernity Destroyer
1x Zombie Carrier // Plaguespreader Zombie
1x Armageddon Knight

spells (9):

3x A Feather of the Pheonix
3x Dark World Dealings
2x Foolish Burial
1x Giant Turnade
1x Mystical Space Typhoon

traps (18):

3x Infernity Force
3x Rope of Life
3x Raigeki Break
2x Bottomless Traphole
2x Limit Reverse
1x Call of the Haunted
1x Mirror Force
2x Magic Jammer
1x Solemn Judgement

Extra :

3x Infernity Death Dragon (currently non-available)
1x Bronaic, Dragon of Ice Boundary

key cards :

Infernity Daemon

your main searcher and beater. Search out your Necromancers and Guardians, and even the Infernity Force. Speeds up the deck so much!!

Infernity Necromancer

Acts like Summoner Monk, summons anything from your grave depending on the situation. Infernity Death Dragon becomes a good target once it is release. It is mostly use to bring out Daemon.

Plague Spreader Zombie

Syncro summon and placing Infernity Daemon on the top of your deck for using its effect!!

A Feather of the Pheonix

Mostly for placing Infernity Daemon of the top deck but works with any card. This card can also allow you to ditch dead hands and get back your traps like Solemn and Call of the Haunted.

Dark World Dealings

Your Draw engine, its better than Allure in this deck because you don't really have alot of monsters in the deck and on top of that you won't want to remove them. Its better than Hand Destruction because its easier to use. Lets you pitch those dead cards as well.

Rope of Life

The card you want to use most. Ditch all your hand and bring back a +800 Infernity. How good is that. Bring back Infernity Daemon, you search and Daemon takes down Stardust. Infernity Destroyer takes down Judgement Dragoon and Dark Armed Dragon. Basically a win win condition for Infernity.

Limit Reverse

Bring back Necromancer and Plague Spreader Zombie.

Magic Jammer

Because you set a lot in this deck, Heavy Storm is a very big threat. This is here to take care of that and ditching some cards. Really underplayed card that would really help!!


Your best hand discarding agent!!


I don't have a PSP or a NDS so I can't test this deck out in the games and I don't have the money to make this deck real life. All of the above are only done on paper so don't be surprise if it doesn't work. Who ever has a PSP or NDS, I hope you could try making this deck and tell me the results.

If you have any comments please write it down. Ireally feel like an idiot beacuse no one ever leaves any comment on my decks!!


Anonymous said...

Download a DSi Emulator and a Yu-gi-oh 5ds rom use actionon replay to get all cards and test ur deck.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's a shame that the latest game has no infernity in it until 2010 wcp