Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bye 2009, a look at the past year!!

while, thats my title, this has nothing to do with me talking about what happen to me or the YGO community in the year 2009. I look forward to 2010 as the YGO movie is coming out and Sin Red Eyes is also coming out. 4 more sets as usual and 2 new structure decks. What's better in 2010 is the Premium Pack 12, making the next year a good one for YGO, wish my school life would be good as well!!

I was planning to do something special for today as this would be my last post this year, but my friends some to visit this whole afternoon and my family is going out for the celebration, meaning I really have no time to post (my dad may come in my room any time and I'll just press the "Publish Post" button, so don't feel surprise if this post is not complete)!!

Ending this year differently from others(I expect other bloggers giving speeches), I'm gonna do something that is the essence of YGO blogs. Sharing YGO tips like I always do!!

From my visit to Singapore I notice something that may be basic knowledge to many but is a whole new experiance to me. I was dueling Neuxcharge and got completely owned!! This is mostly due to deck match ups (but I do confest that he is a better duelist than I am), which could easily countered by siding, problem is that I don't have a side deck.

As manyof you may know, I run E HEROs, which are one of the most aggressive deck types out in the OCG, while lacking special winning condition and powerful effects like Judgment Dragoon, E HERO win by using their brute force. And the worst paring ever would be against control decks, such as Gadgets!!

So, after a few days of thinking and sleeping, I came out with a very E HERO like side deck that CAN quite a few problems in the META today.

3x E HERO Voltech

This card is a must in all E HERO side deck if not mained. With D-Eatos and other outgame decks in the game today, this is one card that can really turn the tides. E HEROs most powerful fusion card, the Miracle Fusion also adds to this card's usefulness. While this card lacks attack, E HERO decks have an important esset in the name of Skyscrapper, that will boost this card's attack to overcome just about any lv4 monster.

2x Super Polymerization

While not as versatile as Miracle Fusion is, this card can Win you games. Side this against Lightlord, Monarch Variants and even Oppression decks or decks with excess to HEROs. This card is often overlook because of its cost, but many did not notice that this card's real shine is in its effect that cannot be negated! "I activate my Royal Oppression!! Oh Wait!! I can't!!"

2x De-Fusion

This card like Super Polymerization is a killer. Send Zero back and destroy the field. This card can be use for offense, defense, destruction and recycle. Side this in against decks that also run fusion monsters or decks that targets alot, other HERO decks, Gladiator Beast and Cyber Dragon Zwei decks are one of the best example!!

2x Threatening Roar

one thing E HERO lacks is defense. It has almost no way to counter OTKs, so this card buys you a turn. And one thing every E HERO user knows, 1 turn is enough to turn the tides using an E HERO deck.

3x Skill Drain

Crazy? Well, the concept of E HERO basically runs on idiocity!! Most E HEROs are very big, but they lack absolute destructive effects, aside from ZERO, but his effect don't activate on the field so no bother. In normal E HERO decks, the thing you need aren't powerful effects, but speed and brute force, so Skill Drain just takes a little bit of speed and force out of your monsters but shields them from a lot more things.

3x ?

well, the others are just personal choices. Anything can be added depending on your build. Personally I side 2 Soul Release in any side decks because of the way the game nowadays resolves on the Grave so much. The last one is most of the time, Mind Crush, because I tend to have awesome luck guessing cards!!

Gotta Go!! Happy New Year!!

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