Monday, December 7, 2009

Random Update#6

Sorry for not updating in like forever. I'm not dead (thank goodness)!! But I really missed alot of things I planned, for example, I was planning to make a duel video and a video introducing my locals and stuff on Saturday (which was my Birthday). End up, Lam said that he was too lazy to drive there. So, plan failed epically.

Yesterday, me and Lam build 2 decks, 1 is a Cyber Dragon Zwei deck. But not the average type you see around. My build was focusing on summoning Cyber End Dragon using Powerbond. Because there is a lot of cards he dont have(its not my deck, its Lam's), for example he has only 1 Light Hex and 2 PowerBonds, the deck is really unstable. The other deck we build (actually HE build) is a Savior deck that focuses on summoning Daemon or Stardust.

Got a hell load of Ang Pao on my Birthday, planning to buy a deck or at least some packs today or tomorrow. Can't really make up my mind on what I wanna get!!

And HELL YA!! The SD18 comes with more good cards!! For Example, there is Cyber Valley, Blast Sphere, Time Machine, Inferno Reckless Summon, Prohibition, Dimension Prison, Cease Fire!!

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