Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Random Update#9

Tomorrow I'll be going to Singapore for a visit and I'll be there till next Monday. I realy want to go to places that YGO players gather, but I'm an idiot in terms of asking, putting pieces of info together and most importantly public transport. Lam would be with me but I don't know if he'll stay that long, and I don't think he wanna go to the Singapore locals(at least that's what he said), claiming that food is more important on trips(yeah, the last 4 trips to Singapore have been all about food right?)

cards that I wish to get from Singapore would be :

2x Shibe Warrior Taro
1x Koa'ki Meiru Rooklord
2x D HERO Malicious
3x Parallel World Fusion and E HERO the GREAT Tornado (as I heard Singapore gets their cards before Malaysia does)
3x Super Polymelization

Any Ultra rare E HERO cards
Any Ultra or Ultimate Red Eyes Black Dragon

If Lam really does go home on Saturday, I would really need the helps from Singapore YGO players!! So, who ever volunteer to help please say so, as I repeat again, I am an idiot in terms of public transport!!


Rauzes said...

Parallell World Fusion is 10USD a piece in JAPAN. Theyre not even released widely in Japan. Good luck in Singapore.

[HD]Lam said...

Plan change coming back on Monday... not food more important... sight seeing is more important ... Food more important terms only apply in Malaysia