Monday, May 31, 2010

BETA stage almost over!!!

Good news!! My FTK deck is finally getting stable, I basically can preform FTK now unless my opening hand SUCK to the max. AND I only need to Table Shuffle about once every 2~3 duels !!

Really wanna test it out at a tourney or something (locals or anything!! I don't mind).

Today, my new semester starts so expect less post from now on (but I should be able to post something once every few days).

Rainbow Neos is godly. OMG!! Why didn't I ever consider him in my deck before!? While not as versatile as my ZERO deck, it packs a punch ... A 4500 PUNCH!!

3x Paradox Fusion + Solemn Judgment together with HERO Blast ... pure ownage unless ... well, your hand suck.

Tips for building Rainbow Neos :

1. Pack A HELL LOAD of s/t removal.
2. Pack a lot of negation cards.
3. 3x PRISMA!!
4. Anything that can help you get Rainbow Neos in ... 1 turn?

Seriously, Rainbow Neos is VERY powerful this format !! And with ZERO, Shining and Tornado to back him up, I don't see a reason it not being a power house.

Only trick you need to master before you can pwn with Rainbow Neos, how to make Rainbow Dragon//Rainbow Dark NOT a dead draw at crucial times!! Which I'm still working on.


Goofy Playz said...

Rainbow Neos is pretty tough. I remember I had a hard time playing my own Neos Deck against Pepperman's R. Neos Deck. He Future Fused ("Fu-Fu"'d) that monster a lot.

How do you search for the Rainbow (Dark) Dragon?

Duelist#LGQ said...

there is no method of searching it. Just thins my deck so I would draw into it.