Friday, June 3, 2011

Just something I thought

Dark World SD is coming out and the Dark E HERO is deal tomorrow. Super Polymerization reaches Max potential!!

Why am I putting these news together?

If you follow the GX anime, Super Poly was originally created by the bloody Bondage King of Dark World. To fusion summon Darkworld Demon God Colorless. Which could be said to be E HERO Escuridao.

I mean, does Escuridao really looks like a HERO, and is he really any use but to snatch a monster with Super Poly?

Konami releasing them at the same time after all these years sorta make me think this way. Maybe the stress of intern is getting to me.

Brief history on birth of Super Polymerization for those of you who forgotten and those of you who joined us after 5D's.

Brron the Bondage King of the Dark World wants to create this card, so he has his lackeys, Goldd and Silva (weird I know) capture him the sacrifices.

He then challenges Judai and activates his bloody anime-only Wicked Canon, which basically works the same as Pegasus's Crad Prison and tries to seal everyone up to finish the card, Sho wasn't there so its not completed.

The dude's plan to summon Escuridao basically went down the drain.

Judai goes into Berserker Soul mode and sends Neos crashing into Reignbroux (or however you spell it) countless times until the dude finally can't summon it back (got killed by NEOS PUNCH/CHOP).

Judai becomes HAOU!! And kills just about anyone that duels with Evil HERO and completes the damn card. And his version can fuse Evil HEROs too, making it super bad ass.

Then, skipping the unimportant friendship speaches.

Yubel used this trying to fuse the 12 dimension to summon something called Dimension What Ever Shit God. But Judai CHAINs to Super Polymerization, claiming that he chained to Chain Material. They need a judge there obviously, I mean, this is not Duelnet.

Then, Judai and Yubel fuse and he turned into a shooting star (literally) and became EMO with longer hair and such.

The End.

I don't think I miss anything important there.

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mike said...

ya i think the stress got to you man :D