Saturday, June 4, 2011

Safe Zone and I feel stupid!!

I blame myself to not finish reading the text on this card. Really I do.

I just finish reading this post on the TCG article page about the card Safe Zone from EXVC and I was like ... "What? It has the "destroy monster when this card leave the field effect?""

I look at it on wikia and saw it WAS there. And I instantly felt like an idiot.

I never knew that part of the effect was there. I blame myself for not reading it carefully.

If I knew it was, it would undoubtedly go into my saber's main deck, and another copy in the side.

Why is this so?

First of all, I think the main purpose of the card is NOT to protect your monster, you can, its a good bonus, but not how I wanna play this.

This card is GOOD against decks that mindlessly take out backrows.

GB, Scrap, Lightlord falls under this category. BF and Samurai for some extent, but we all know how that would work out.

The second part that makes myself feel like an idiot is that I thought you CAN'T change the monster to defense. I thought so after I read "Selecting 1 face up attack position monster", and I foolishly concluded you can't change to defense since I didn't bothered reading.

I blame the fact this card is in EXVC, I never saw interest in the set, hence I didn't read anything in it carefully.

As I said before, the protection effect only comes as a bonus in my deck with my playstyle. But its a great bonus indeed. My saber's worst matchups are Agent Angel, GB and Scraps. Which are all decks that continuously destroy your cards and locking down your plays. This card basically says "HAHAHA!! IN YOUR FACE BI**H"

They try to blow Gottoms or Faultroll? I protect it. They wanna get rid of a backrow, you dead already.

Its the perfect card I was looking for, and I found it in the form of a card that I was never looking at.

I felt extremely stupid at the moment, but luckily I found out before the World Qualifiers (the real one).

This card is gonna be an MVP in my deck IF I do good, I can foresee that already. Why? I solves almost 50% of my problems instantly, with an added bonus too.


Iceman Hotty said...

Don't be so hard on yourself dude, I can't remember the number of times I've completely misinterpreted a card's effect. I recall misreading Andro Sphinx's effect at least 4 times the first time I saw it, several years back. lol

ZXtheD said...

I wonder if Safe Zone would be good in GBs...