Sunday, June 26, 2011

Report thingy.

Or should I say Scrub-port?

Anyways, I decided to play sabers cause I have a god damn pride issue. When I say I might play DW, all of them were like "OMG! You gave up on sabers? Bla bla bla?" and such.

And I decided to play sabers just cause I really don't feel that DW is consistent. And slightly due to the annoying people.

Wasn't feeling like I'm gonna get to top 32 cause I usually lost in round 2 in single eliminations.

Match starts at 11-ish. And I was in the 1st half of round 1.

Match 1 : vs ??? - DW

duel 1 : I started off with Emmers in attack (DW lightning is a bitch) and my opponent really IS DW. Nothing happen in 5 turns until he played Trunade, and Destruction. GG.

duel 2 : I open Fullhelm, D Fissure. He set 2. I summon Emmers, special Faultroll and Hyunlei his back. Proceed to win with 2 beaters.

duel 3 : I open double DD Crow(which is bad cause he didn't do anything with his grave). He sets 4. I have Fullhelm swing him for a few turns. I draw into Banisher aka Sean. He Bottomless, I Judgment. And he played Return from Dark Dimension on Fader. Proceed to win with Airbellum striping his hand.

So, I did good against DW. I was surprise actually. At least I wasn't kicked out in round 1 I guess. Ha ha.

Match 2 vs Khye - Samurai

Why do I always meet a friend somewhere here?

duel 1 : I controlled the field since he can't get United or Gateway when he Shi-En. I was able to break through his Shi-En, clear his back.

duel 2 : I was leading 8000 to 1700 with Kinetic out and Judgment, Prison, Truth set. He has Shi-En. He plays Trunade, which I allow since I have no follow up. He summons Hand and direct for 2500. I set the 2 traps again and I can win with my hand as long as Shi-En dies. He summons Kizan and attacks. I misplay here, I play Reinforce Truth when Kizan attacks, and his Shi-En won't attack. Proceed to lose after I can't get through his Shi-En.

I made this mistake a few weeks ago against Fishtank, damn, same mistake again.

duel 3 : I open 1 Faultroll, 1 Fullhelm, 1 Ryko, 1 Pashuul, 1 Ryko and 1 Solemn. Set Pashuul and Solemn. He Shi-En, which I don't know why I didn't Judgment. He attacks and sets 2 and Kizan. I go for Faultroll and Scrap, he plays Rivalry, forcing me to play Judgment. I try taking out his FD, but I was a Dual Sword, making his Shi-En invincible that turn. I attack Kizan for damage. He plays Gate, summons Hand and attack for 2500. I set Ryko, which blew his Shi-En. I drew Fullhelm. Summon and attack. He tops into Reborn ... Summoning Shi-En and getting Grandmaster, knocking me to 200 (he would have won here if he used Gate's power up effect). I draw into Smashing, holding Dark Hole. Obviously I can't get rid of Shi-En now. GG

Well, still lost at round 2, like I always do. BUT I did get some good deals today.

Traded Tyrus, Ice Edge and 3 Rainbow Life for Pot of Duality. Yes, Pot of Freaking Duality for the Tyrus that I bought cause I thought I need 2, the Ice Edge cause I was ripped off and the Rainbow Lifes that I traded ages ago and I've never took out of my binder.

Got my play set of Debunk too. Thanks to a Singaporean player who traded them to me for 3 Flamvell Firedogs, a Starlight Road (R) and 10 bucks.

Oh did I mention I got Revise Dragon (Utl) for Caius and holy Wyvern. Nice trade indeed. And best of all, I got my 2nd Hope for 10 bucks.

Not a good day for tourney, but good for trading cards. Very very good day for trading cards.

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mike said...

Very nice trades. whose the guy who traded all those for pot? o.o