Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dark World ver1.0

Sorry for not posting the past weekend, I got my Dark World SDs last Saturday, and tried playing with Mike Ting's build, works okay, but it doesn't suit my style, and I don't like the lack of any Virus in it, so I took a couple of day trying to build one.

I didn't post cause I really don't wanna post any half-ass DW deck, that you can most probably see just bout anywhere. But making one really good, and worthy on taking on this Sunday's tourney is hard.

Facts about DW :

1. Its a combo deck - For me this is a love-and-hate situation. I enjoy playing combo decks but not at qualifiers levels. Cause unlike control decks, combo decks usually swin-or-sink(real deep), the DW deck is no different.

2. You must start with either Gate, Snow and any means of draw - Cause its a combo deck. Although its much easier than how I put it.

3. Grapha is a Boss - Like Fortress and Hyperion (not Laevathin) before it, this dude is the real deal. But I don't like just waiting for him to go to hand and dumping him to start the whole combo. I just don't.

My version 1.0 of the deck. Not perfect in any way, but I have 6 days before the tourney, and if I can't make it by then, I have my Sabers which could beat DW if I play carefully, reason I don't feel like playing Sabers is because it has a bad match up against Junk Doppel.

monster (17):

3 Grapha, Dragon God of the Dark World
3 Snow, Magician of the Dark World
3 Beiige, Vanguard of the Dark World
3 Broww, Huntsman of the Dark World
2 Goldd, Wu-Lord of the Dark World
1 Silva, Warlord of the Dark World
1 Morphing Jar
1 Grow Up Bulb

spell (15):

3 Gate of the Dark World
3 Dark World Dealings
1 Dark World Lightning
2 Mystic Space Typhoon
1 Dark Hole
1 Monster Reborn
1 Book of Moon
1 Card Destruction
1 Allure of Darkness
1 Foolish Burial

trap (8):

2 Epidemic Eradicator Virus
2 Deck Devastation Virus
2 Solemn Warning
2 Reckless Greed

I play Foolish because Foolish + random Virus + random DW + I go first = I most probably win. And the center of the deck is basically summoning Grapha and beat with him or Virus Food.

I play Buld cause I play Foolish. And it adds a little more strategy to the deck. Its there for emergency tribute fodder as well. But mainly to make Tyrus plays more consistent. And Brionac sorta has an infinite loop with Gate and Goldd/Silva/Beiige, well, your grave isn't infinite thou.

I only play 1 Lightning cause its sorta dead for me most of the times. And I can search for it with Snow so I don't really care.

Speaking of the devil (lit.), Snow is broke. You should leave 1 in your grave unless you absolutely need to remove it. Cause if you can special it back with Reborn and such. Grapha is gonna make use of it.

Side in more backrow hate against Samurai and BF I say. And its really gonna cost my opponent if he doesn't negate that DW Lightning with a Backrow heavy field.

In case your wondering why I play Reckless Greed. Its because this deck is kinda dead if it pulls too many monsters and no outs, but 1 good card can make all the difference. And I might need a couple more hands for game as well.

I'll like to talk more, but I'm late for work you see. Signing out~


Anonymous said...

Thoughts on skill drain?
You play 1 / 2 cards that are effected by it (Bulb, and Morphing Jar)

mike said...

haha. i like the idea of bulb. im going viruses as well for now so we are all joining the fun :S

reckless greed isnt my cup of tea, apart from that, build looks good.

how did the breaker/dw lightning/ mst thing go for you?

LGQ said...

I though of Skill Drain too. But I just don't have the time to build a deck that plays it. Maybe by this weekend?

@mike : Breaker is amazing. Really Amazing. And Beiige + Breaker = Hope is even more amazing. But the META isn't really breaker friendly over here.

Sensei said...

My build is more drawing power
Monster (19)
3 x Grapha
3 x Snow
3 x Broww
3 x Beige
3 x Silva
3 x Celri
1 x DAD

Spell (18)
3 x Gate of the Darkworld
3 x Trade in
3 x Advanced Draw
3 x Darkworld dealing
2 x Darkworld lightning
2 x Coffin Seller
1 x Monster reborn
1 x Burial from another dimension

Trap (5)
2 x Epedermic
2 x DDV
1 x Return from another dimension

I tried it and work amazingly, this deck got potential to draw half of the deck on 1 turn,thanks to advanced draw/tradein/DWD/gate of darkworld.If got 2 epedermic and 1 DDV and got 3 tributer,than almost 99% u can won la :D