Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Agent Angel

The deck dominated last Sunday's qualifier. Not really, cause I didn't even see 5 in the preliminary rounds, but it did dominated top 8. 5 out of the 8 last players still in the game picked this as their arsenal and Sam won using it.

So, with the release of SD21!! SD20 suddenly became so dominating and won the whole Worlds Qualifiers?

No, but the release of YSD6 or more specifically, Gachi Gachi Gantetsu did. It was just that there were no major tourney in between the Zexal starter's release and Agent Topping. And Dark World can sit back and wait for EXP4, where Konami(OCG)'s real motif of releasing the card comes into play.

K-guy1 : Dude, what are we gonna do with EXP4?

K-guy2: Why? Anything good in there? Maybe Darksoul(lol).

K-guy3 : I don't want something from the TCG to dominate us, even if its highly unlikely, but Revise Dragon is an asshole, it made the impossible slightly viable.

K-guy1 : Hmm, by the way, the new SD coming up, we should really start preparing bout it. Press conference is next week.

K-guy2 : (not listening) ... yeah, there are GKs in there as well, Tribute is a damn bitch. I don't want to see them own. This is OUR game ...

K-guy4 : Eh yo dudes, check this out. This random BF dude direct attack me with Spirit Reaper, and ditch my Reign!! LoL at him! Hand discarding effect my ass!! Hahahaha!!

K-guys1~3 : LOL. Thats it!!

And the above scenario is what I picture happened in the Konami HQ before they decide upon DW SD.

Really bad that I loss to Samurai/Khye on Sunday, cause my Sabers can take on Agent perfectly now, although I don't know what will happen if the guys player them agent are the best players in Bolehland. But against normal players, I 2-0'ed them every match, which contributes to them asking what does most of the cards do.

Took out Warrior Lady for Banishers. I name the 2 Banisher(C and R) in my deck Sean and Peter respectively.

The card is super good in there, stopping most plays from almost all meta decks side from Samurai, and all I have to do is protect it.

I play Level Limit Area B, so you see how powerful these sons of bitches can be. XD

But this is about the end of the road for my antimeta sabers, yes, I hate to admit it. But the meta is just too diversify for me to do shit now. And with Darksoul and Boggard coming out in 2 months, that doesn't help the antimeta part of the deck as well.

Will play 3 of each, but expect Sean and Peter still in the deck. As they are too awesome to take out.


Sean said...

Haha. Mind spelling that Banisher named "Sean" differently? :)

LGQ said...

ha ha. sure