Sunday, June 12, 2011

11th & 12th June World Qualifier report

So, this was my 3rd time playing. I went to Kinokuniya for my Escuridao, and my whole afternoon was free. Drop by for some cards.

Test play quite a few matches with Sean's BF, but Escuridao never came out once, then again, no fusion came out. I just play using normal HEROs, makes me wonder will semi-limiting Miracle Fusion really harm the deck (MY deck).

Escuridao came out in a match against SST's Karakuri. How did that happen? All 3 of them came out. I think he summoned Colossal Fighter, but I'm not entirely sure.

A lot of players are there yesterday, but most of them are just hanging around. I saw quite a few people saying how gay Escuridao is, and how we can now main 3 Super Polymerization. Right...


Okay. I paused after typing that and went to Lowyat plaza to meet friends. Later, I went to Gamers Arena for another round of Qualifier.

I played Sabers both time, which sorta makes me the saber guy at GA, which was weird, since I used to be called the E HERO guy until I became less active there this year.

Yesterday's report:

1st match vs Newbie - Syncron deck

Skip details as I feel this is irrelevant.


2nd match vs Fishtank - Samurai

1st duel : He bounces my Scrap with Enishi and kill me with that and Kizan.

2nd duel : Trap Dustshoot kills his hands (or was this game 3?), and I proceed to win.

3rd duel : Warrior Lady attack and removes Shi-En, I declair attack with Garsem on Kizan, flipping E Call to bring up Garsem and proceed to gain advantage and win with Scrap.


3rd match vs LCW - Herald Agent

2 of my worst fears mix together? Can't be good.

1st duel : I waste a lot of his hand but left me with nothing, fortunately, he doesn't have anything and I summon Colossal to get rid of the Herald and proceed to win.

2nd duel : He has Decree up while I had 4 sets and Emmers. And being bit down and I topped deck a MST, I have 2 E Calls set.


4th match vs Lelouch? (according to Cookie) - Junk Doppel

1st duel : He owned me with his Doppel Stunts.

2nd duel : I have slowly build up advantage with traps and proceed to lock him down.

3rd duel : We found out that we both are in table 1 and will still be able to proceed to top 4 if we draw this match. Instead of taking risk and not topping, we decide to announce a draw so both of us can go to top 4.


Top 4 vs Ineverknewhisname - Agent

1st duel : I open good and lock his plays down with Dustshoot and others.

2nd duel : I open Warning, 2 Bottomless, 2 MST and Judgment. Got rid of his facedowns with double MST (one is a decree), but I pull my monsters too late into the game, and he attack me with Mystic Shine Ball + Honest over Airbellum for game.

3rd duel : I couldn't took out his advantage and Fautroll got Warning'ed. Lost to Pashuul's effect. Nothing I can do, since he had Decree out and locked most of my plays.

so, Top 4, the 2nd time in this series of Qualifiers.


Today's report:

1st match vs Newbie - Random syncro based random card deck (I could go on)

Needless to say, I finished him in 10 minutes, and the staffs ask me if I bribed my opponent since I was the 1st one to finish the game yesterday and today in match 1.


2nd match vs Yun Teng Sam - Agents

1st duel : Emmers and Fullhelm play around my opponent's Oppression while he was locked down by it.

2nd duel : My opponent reveals a Honest from Pot and have the agent Exceed play on the field. I summon Emmers and attack, forcing him to ditch Honest or lose his agent, which was lost the nest turn anyway. Trap Stun Hyunlei play and gain advantage, Faultroll FTW.


3rd match vs White hair Uncle - Flamevell Antimeta

1st duel : He had Wanghu, but I played around it and hit his field hard with Torrential. Airbellum hits his cards down and I proceed to win by advantage alone.

2nd duel : Most idiotic play ever. I side in Prohibition, I play it naming Solemn Warning and Proceed with Hyunlei, which got BTH(and he didn't have it set). But my backrows were steady and kept me in. Pashuul hold off his attacks for turns and I play Faultroll and proceed to wipe his field and Gottoms for his hand. And I drop his 2 Warning from hand. LOL.


4th match vs Lelouch? - Junk Doppel

1st duel : Giant Trunade get rid of my facedown and he beat me with Scrap, Junk Warrior(4000 attack).

2nd duel : I open Oppression, Emmers, Swallow Flip, Warning, MST and Book. Best hand ever? He played Trunade, Trishula (which hit Oppression) and I was losing again.


5th match vs Andrew - Whirlwind BF

1st duel : I was winning till I did something very very stupid. He has 600 left and I Hyunlei his backrow (along with a face up Oppression). He then plays Blizzard and pulls himself back into the game.

2nd duel : I open nicely and won.

3rd duel : He opens Banisher, but I play around it, forcing him to play Torrential with me summoning Garsem, and netting a card. Proceed to win after getting rid of his resources.


Top 4 again.

Top 4 vs Lelouch? - Junk Doppel

This was my 3rd match with him this weekend.

1st duel : I started and I Pot of Duality into Dustshoot. Which got rid of his Doppel(only monster) revealling Torrential and Solemn. I play Trunade and hitting him hard with Emmers, Faultroll and Fullhelm. He then somehow turns this table around next turn and won with Junk Warrior and Scrap Dragon ... wow ...

2nd duel : I open almost same hand like match 4, but had Trooper as the monster instead of Emmers. I mill 3 and milled my Super Polymerization. He looked at it, so did I. He again has Trunade, and attacked me with Drill and Scrap. I drew Fullhelm, attacking his Level Eater and setting everything (5 sets, but only 1 is useful, Torrential). If he wanna win me this turn, he has to summon that Eater, and then I'll Torrential him, since he was handless. But he set a facedown and hit Torrential with Scrap ... If only I didn't mill with Trooper, Super Poly will win that duel for me.

so, Top 4 again ... 3rd top 4 in this series ...

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