Saturday, June 25, 2011

1 Day till Qualifiers

I wish everyone good luck tomorrow.

I'm still trying to pick whether play DW or Sabers.

Basically its a choice between : A deck that I know is good, and A deck that I know I'm good at.

DW :

1. Still new, and not many are too familiar with it.
2. Has speed and a broken loop.
3. Expect to see in high numbers as its cheap.

BUT, that also means that many will be siding for it. And DW tends to do bad against a good side. Still, I see myself losing to DW tomorrow.

Saber :

1. No one, I mean, NO ONE, plays it but me. And no one knows how my build is played (aside from those who dueled me in qualifers).

But thats about the only advantage the deck still has. More and more people will be side boarding DD stuffs against DW, and that indirectly ruins my game plan.

But I don't expect half ass players to side effectively against my build, but thats not how I should think if I'm aiming for the top spot ain't I.


Well, I do have 24 hours left, so I guess I still have time to think.


LightGrunty said...

Go with what you're good with. I can't say much definitively because I don't really know that much about your play-style, but there are great advantages to playing a unique deck.

Like you said, no one will know what's happening when they play against you. And, I would assume that OCG players are not as used to playing against X-Sabers, which would cause them to misplay much more.

As for the removal cards that you might have to deal with, the main cards would be Dimensional Fissure, D.D. Crow, and maybe Debunk. You could side Debunks of your own if you want to hit Effect Veiler and D.D. Crow, and of course, Dust Tornado destroys Dimensional Fissure.

Anyway, whatever you decide to go with, good luck.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't be to worried about Di-Fi when you have a Hyunlei backed with Seven Tools/Trap Stun.

If you're scared about Dark World just use Debunk.

-moz said...

Just go with X-Saber. There is less chance of misplay.