Monday, June 6, 2011

If you wanna kill me, I understand.

That was to Cookie. And back to the good part.

(This is why)

26th June 2011 World Championship Netherlands Qualifiers Pre-Selected Top 16
1 - Teoh Zhen Pei ( Six Samurai ) aka ZACK
2 - Kamaleswaran ( Gladiator Beast )
3 - Kee Kian Sim ( Grave BF ) AKA Sam
4 - Soong Chan Hoong ( Machiner Gadgets )
5 - Phang Yann Chern ( Whirlwind BF )
6 - Choo Yick Wong ( Anti-Meta ) AKA Wong Fei Hung
7 - Lim Yu Wei ( Grave BF )
8 - Michael Yap Wei Keong ( Agent Angels ) AKA Oji Mike
9 - Karl Lim ( Grave BF ) AKA KARL"I have believers" LIM
10 - Lee Wai Yen ( Agent Heralds ) AKA "I play a different deck every week"
11 - Chen Yau Sin ( Junk Doppel )

I didn't asked the guy for permission before posting this here, he post this on FB, (if your angry, I'll get you some cookies).

But I need this list right now for my post.

5 more slots left for the qualifiers and thats not my point.

My point is that the Asian format right now is VERY VERY healthy.

Out of 11 wins, there are 9 different decks (if you take grave and whirlwind BF as 2 decks, since they ARE different).

The META game right now in Asian format is super diverse. 9 decks winning? Thats just too cool, and we haven't see Plant variants, Monarch and Keepers yet.

I love the game at its current state. Not much to say about this, as players will love and haters will hate, no need for explanation.

Although the winners are mostly big name players around these parts, experience is important eh ... BUT that also states, with skills, ANY deck can win right now, there is no most powerful deck.

For once I wanna say, Fuck them promos, they are making the game unbalance.


On side note, I guess everyone saw that Future Fusion FTK deck.

I really wanna give credits, kudo and all the love to who ever build that deck.


I could care less how broken the deck is (well, just AS broke as any FTK, no more and no less), but an FTK emerging basically targets the list at Future Fusion. With that my precious Miracle Fusion will be spared this time.

That guy is a god sent!

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