Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dark World

I don't think its THAT good a deck, its good, no doubt, but not Broken good.

But, worse timing ever for my part, cause my official tourney deck is Sabers ... Good Job!

Wonder how am I gonna take on Qualifiers next month (or end of the month, I'm not sure).

Nothing more from me now, aside from the fact that I'm testing a DD saber build on Duelnet. Lacking OCG players there is bad.


Arrowblaze said...

You can duel me if you want, I'm an OCG player with this IGN on DNet.

Sean said...

Hv to agree with u tht DW isn't broken overall but given the right hands it can be.

DW players shud go for a solid build instead of a all-out-swarm/OTK build, and shud know when to push and when to hold back. Timing is very important.

Also, doing the 1-for-1 exchange with Grapha's destruction effect is always good in tight situations.