Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sabers and Doppel

In OCG, sabers have a big disadvantage over Doppel. Well, Sabers without Darksoul and Boggard have a big disadvantage over any deck, but my main concern is Junk Doppel.

Even in Asian format, Junk Doppel is huge. While not being able to spam syncros with Librarian and finishes with Shooting Quaser. It is still a highly powerful deck and almost on its own class in Asian format. With Samurai and Agent following really close behind. Or maybe just because more people are feeling not confident playing it without Librarian (or Formula being too pricey).

Why did I say that? I can take out Samurai and Agent (with my current build and side) no problem. And me playing Sabers having an advantage of my opponent not being able to side effective for me. But this advantage is loss against Junk Doppel, mainly cause it doesn't have to side anything but still could kick the crap out of my sided Sabers.

Next Sunday will be Malaysia's REAL qualifier. Too bad I loss my last chance into a free top32 last weekend. But I'm gonna try doing this Sung Lee style, aim the top, from the bottom.

But to do that I must be able to take out Junk Doppel effectively, and the new threat, Dark World.

So, I rebuild my dismantled Junk Doppel and proxied the syncros for test playing. I build it to be more like the build Lelouch? played last week, and my god. I once again find myself astonished by how good a deck Junk Doppel can be. I lost this feeling a month or so ago, and sold my Formula away in favor of Pot (not that I regret thou).

If I were to use Junk Doppel, I WILL NOT be able to top that event, as Sung Lee will most probably play a similar deck, and going against him in a weapon that he is so familiar with isn't gonna help cut it.

Some of you might think this is stupid, but in Malaysia, aiming for the top spot and you are basically challenging Tan Sung Lee, and winning the man with a same deck he uses ain't really the smartest thing you can do, its the coolest, but not the brightest. And Junk Doppel being an overplayed deck, I expect to see the other big names practiced to beat it already.

But what does my Sabers need? The answer is this :

No.17 Revise Dragon

I usually find myself in situations where I have 2 lvl 3s. But not always a tuner and non-tuner. Even if thats the case, I have to sync for Brionac which isn't big enough and I usually don't wanna waste my hand.

Revise Dragon may potentially be my out in this situation, now I just need to find myself a good bargain.

My deck is becoming more Stable that ever thanks to me taking out a Faultroll. Thats right, I'm only playing 1 Faultroll now. Stupid?

But my loss usually contributes to clogging Faultrolls. Taking out the second and now that problem is gone. And Garsem does a great job getting him out in a 3 turns (if I pull into him or Emmers that is).

All and all, I need to get that Third Pot from Nick soon.


LightGrunty said...

Hmm, I was playing against Junk Doppel with a Stun-based X-Saber deck and it did pretty well. Saber Hole really shut down the Junk Synchron plays. I basically traded the usual swarming with Faultroll and Gottoms' Emergency Call for Stun with Garsem and Saber Hole.

Are you more worried about Junk Doppel decks that play Royal Decree and no other Traps, or about those that use normal Traps but not Decree?

LGQ said...

those that play 7 to 8 traps.

mike said...


lemme know if you need any. i can send u one or two.

mike said...

also, you should be playing 2 faultroll only with boggart and darksoul around

LightGrunty said...

Well, Seven Tools would probably be more effective than Trap Stun since you can shut down opposing Trap Stuns and Solemn Warnings. So, it not only protects your Monsters, as Trap Stun would be used for, but it also protects your back row from Trap Stun plays.

That way, Saber Hole can be more effective at stopping their Junk Synchron plays and such.

LGQ said...

problem with 7 tools is that:

1. Its expensive and hard to get nowadays

2. I play too many cards that uses my LP (although its 1000 isn't really that much of a concern

Saber hole just doesn't suit my playstyle, I tend to sometimes set Fullhelm or Airbellum, just to not let my opponent know what am I playing.

@mike : my previous build plays 3 Faultroll easily, its just that now the antiMETA elements are clashing with the it too much. I'm not entirely sure what to do right now.