Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tour Guide, Fabled and DW. Broken

Made a Tour Guide DW deck that featured Fabled in them, and the deck is, by Asian Format standards, BROKEN.

Well, IF the TCG monster exceed rulings apply, it IS broken. Not really broke without it thou, nevertheless, GOOD.

The synergy, between tour guide, raven, broww and snow are amazing. I literally never open dead, even if I pull 3 Broww, 2 MST. 1 Tour Guide and thats a very broken hand.

I'm wondering whether I should play Grapha at 3. Yes, a DW build that makes me wanna take out a playset of Grapha. I don't know bout the majority of players, but I don't really care what a deck can do, but I almost always play a full set of the boss cards.

Playing Fabled in there means I can go for Envoy of Beginning as well.

While not being able to do what plants did this format(summoning a bunch of monsters in 1 turn), its good under the new list, or at least how my results shown me.

No deck list yet as I'm still pretty much just testing this concept. I know someone might have already said this somewhere, but to me this is something big, and worth posting.

BTW, ranking tourney next week at TB will be a prized one. The winner gets ... GR Trishula

I guess I need to take my Oppression and Trunade out of the box one last time before the format ends eh?

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Saikon said...

I am playing Tour Guide/Dark World and am currently 150-11 on Dueling Network with it. It is a broken deck.