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Ranking/Trishula Tourney Report

I build my deck at TB before the tourney cause a lot of Pokemon players are there for the pre-set release tourney for Black and White (not that you would care). Took out the cards that are only legal after September 1st (actually, it was just Heavy and Trunade).

After that, I notice that I had Dustshoot in my deck, which is suppose to be use next format. But since I don't wanna do any major changes to my deck, I didn't bother. My trap count is lower now, just 9 instead of the previous 11.

Deck used : E HERO.

Format was 3 rounds of Swiss and winner is decided by the highest pointer at the end of the match.

Only bout 10 people came cause Gamers Arena also held their Ranking Tourney today, while its both ranking tourney, you get to rank up faster winning there cause there are more high rankers of the 5D's and Zexal Rank (refer to stupid new ranking system for this). Where as I suspect most if not all the people at TB are DM ranks. Aside from the non-locals that is.

But while slower at ranking up, I think Trishula is very tempting.

1st match vs BF (unknown guy)

1st duel : He didn't really played any back row, which was to my surprise, but I was pushed back quite a few times by Arms Wing and a Kalut on Rai-Oh. But nevertheless, Miracle Fusion was making monsters too big for him to take down.

2nd duel : He made a mistake, summoning Ghibli back with Blizzard and then special a Bora. Then he tunes Ghibli with Blizzard for an Arms Wing (this is due to the misprint in Crow pack where Ghibli was printed as level 4). But I allowed it anyway, cause I have an Allius in Grave, a lone Stratos on field (after he Delta Crow from hand to hit my Bottomless and Mirror Force), Honest and Miracle Fusion in hand. He said sorry to me a couple of times and said he will go back to summoning another, but I said its okay and lets him continue (actually, I'm just saving my ass cause I really dont wanna see a Trishula). Won next turn with Miracle and Rai-Oh top decked.


2nd match vs Six Samurai (Wei Yann's Friend)

1st duel : I had a bad hand and was left at the defense (hardly). He summons Mizuho, Kizan, Kizan and a on field Grandmaster. He then searches his deck for Shinai with Signal. Summons it to the field. I have a face up Snowman, a Mirror Force and a MST, no help here cause my life was at 3200. BUT, he tributed his Shinai when there was no Samurai in the grave to pop my Snowman. And he declared an attack before clearing my field, which of cause got met with the Mirror Force. He took back the Kizan and set his last card down, which I played MST on (Dual Sword). From there it was smooth sailing cause I have Rai-Oh already in hand.

2nd duel : He started and end his turn with 2 Shi-En and a Kizan on the field and 1 card in hand. I have Tribe Shocking Virus in hand, but no HEROs. I topped an E Call. Playing it in case the dude doesn't negate it, but he did. Got raped next turn with another Kageki and Kagemusha into 3rd Shi-En. I have a set Mirror Force, but who cares.

3rd duel : I started and summon King Tiger Wanghu to the board, set Judgment, Warning and Skill Drain to the back (I'm thinking my opponent is pretty screwed). He has Kageki set, which I passed 2 turns later with a No 39 Hope with Allius and Airman. He would later review 2 of his 3 sets as Dojos, playing the set card Dual Sword, which I obviously negated with Warning. He the summons Kizan, summons another Kizan. He then asked tried to summon something with teh Dojos, but Wanghu just sits there. So he tries to attack it, but Hope blocked both attacks. He sets his last card to the back, but I have Judgment. I play Reborn, grab Ocean with Airman, summoning Virus, remove the Ocean to rid him of Kizans. Then proceed to attack for game.


3rd match vs Quickdraw Dandy Warrior (Wei Yann's other friend)

1st duel : I started with Dustshoot and Mirror Force set, grab Allius with Airman. He then showed me his hand of Tuning, Dandy, Debris, Sorcerer, Unknown Syncron and Trunade. Dandy was obviously picked. He played Tuning, grabbing Junk and mill a Sorcerer. Sets a monster. I summon Allius, overlay them into Gatchi Dragon. Attck for 2100. Rai-Oh hits the field next turn. Preventing him from doing anything big and won the game from there.

2nd duel : I started with Airman into Allius, attacks into an obvious set Ryko. Set 2 Skill Drain which was met with Decree at the end of the turn. He sets another monster and ended. I summon the Allius, plays Spark, rid him of Decree, flipping a Skill Drain. Miracle for Shining and attacks into a Doppel. after several turns, he was left with 2 cards in hand, nothing on the field. I have a Rai-Oh and Shining, 2 Skill Drain(1 set), Transmigration Prophecy and Solemn Judgment set, Honest and Crow in hand. I really don't see how my opponent is gonna turn this around. He removes Lonefire for Spore and summons Warwolf. Sync to Black Rose and attack my Rai-Oh after I said I would not negate it, which was of cause met with the Honest. He plays Avarice next, and I chained Prophecy to it, getting Miracle Fusion back to my deck. He sets his last card. . I attack and he flips Call of the Haunted, which I had a DD Crow for it.


So, I got 1st place and my GR Trishula.

The TP pack was crap. but who cares, I got a Trishula for RM15, thats 5 bucks in USD. I'm happy bout it.

Last tourney for this format, although I'm not gonna miss it. WooHoo, 3rd time playing with E HERO for tourney this month(I think) and 3rd time getting 1st. Might sound a little arrogant in this post but I'm still hyped bout Trishula.

Got myself a copy of Ultimate Rare BLS for a reasonable price, but almost immediately sold it to Wei Yann (well, he booked it but needs to get his pay check first before he could pay for it).

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Hello, I like reading all your tourny reviews, and I love that you use Heros. I was wondering could you send me a email of your deck list for the Sept 2011 Format. Side, Extra, everything. I would love if you did. I main Heros, but don't know what to do to them come Sept. So If you could send a deck list, it be great. My email is