Friday, August 5, 2011

My Banned List prediction/wish list

Yes, I've already did this, but I had a few more cards I wanna talk about and add to the list (remember last time, I only had a few cards that I really wanna hit).

And since I don't wanna post this in the middle of the banned list post all other bloggers are doing, I kinda like being the 1st guy to do it, and the last guy as well. At least I hope I was the 1st on blogger and hopefully last too.

Lets start with the list 1st and I'll sorta explain why I place the cards as it is.

Thor'ed(Get it?) :

Giant Trunade
Glow Up Bulb
Hyper Librarian/Formula Syncron (preferably the latter)
Foolish Burial

Limited :

Pot of Avarice
Heavy Storm
Ultimate Offering
BF - Vayu the Bancho'
Hyper Librarian/Formula Syncron (the former please)
Shi-en's Smoke Signal
Dual Sword Welding Technique (if I remember the name correctly, the annoying double Reborn)
Treeborn Frog
Starlight Road!!!

Semi-Limited :

Agent of Bla Bla Bla Earth (the searcher dude/girl/whatever)
Master Hyperion
Reborn Tengu (shit needs to die)
Snow, Something of the Dark World
Pot of Duality (I don't think its worthy, but I sorta see it coming)
Book of Moon
Royal Oppression
Dewloren, you should stay there in the Ice Barrier

Released, your good to go :

maybe ... Magical Stone Excavation? Is Snipe Hunter at 3 already? If its not, then maybe. But thats about it.

Harsh list? Totally. Weird List? Yeah, sorta.

For the banned, I think most of us will agree on Trunade and the Librarian/Formula. Maybe not banning one of the 2 syncros, but they need to be hit, NOW.

Foolish and Glow Up Bulb, for a reason. These are broken cards right here. 10 combos in YGO that deals with special summoning, Foolish will be part of 9 of them. Bulb is just too good. Its not one of the weapons Junk Doppel can use, its the epicenter of everything. This and Formula are what made Quaser and plants broken, Librarian is but a mere catalyst. You can still go Quaser 1st turn and shit consistently without Librarian, although you get more pluses off that pedobear.

Banning Librarian may be good as future decks can't abuse it, but for now, Glow Up and Formula are the main killers, in all plant variants.

For the to'1s. Avarice, Shi-En's Signal and Dual Sword Welding had it coming.

Offering? Really? No, I don't think this card is worth sending back to 1, as it just got back to 3 not too long ago, but as Dewloren did when it came back to 3. The same deck that caused this card to go to 1 all those years ago, will be forcing it back in again. Its just a hypothesis.

Vayu and Treeborn? Why?

Treeborn, cause I agree with the author of Death Aspect, should be at 1, those who subbed to him, should have read this, and those of you who doesn't, please do right now.

Vayu, cause Konami just likes hitting BF in some way in every banned list. And cause Grave BF is running strong even today, its gonna be the likely candidate to get hit. Although I fail to see how this will kill BF. BF is an epic tale of a deck in the making, forcing the banned list onto itself over and over again, but keeps on standing back up on its own 2 feet and continue fighting. Hitting Vayu will just add to their already awesome resume.

Last but not least, and the one card most of you are WTF'ing about, Starlight Road.

Why the hell? Its not because I want Storm back, I put it here, thats just stupid. But its so more people play the card, and I think this card has the same effect as Storm, Mirror Force and Torrential, at 1. Having it at 3, people aren't even looking at it, but at 1, its good main deck material, thats just how people are. The mind games this card can give to the game, just by the fact that everyone will have 1 copy in their main deck, is giving me a fangasm. Some times, you don't hit a card cause its bad to the game, but making the game more fun with it hit. Like Oppression, no one care about it when it was at 3, but we would main 1 now if we have the space, I see Starlight Road as the equivalent to that, but unlike the continues trap, this card can make your opponent think twice before going for big plays, and playing big traps.

Any love for my suggestion? In the comments!

The semi limited are made of cards that are self-explanatory. Tengu is broke, we need to hit it, not being in OCG is a bad reason not to do something bout it.

Snow is fresh on the list cause I feel hitting this will make Dark World a less search and spam deck, while hitting Grapha means nothing if its not 1 or less. But I don't expect this to happen this banned list thou. As Konami thinks this deck is the answer to Keepers and Sabers.

Duality did nothing this format, but I have a gut feeling its gonna get hit to 2.

Book of Moon and Royal Oppression are cards that prevents spamming of big plays and putting them to 1 in a syncro spamming format was one of the stupidest things konami did, but no one bitched about that surprisingly. These are needed to make the game slower, and with Storm around, Oppression is almost equivalent to BTH.

Like I said, I have nothing for the unlimited. I don't specifically find anything worth taking out.

I really doubt Black Luster Soldier is coming out (it would be great if it does), but if I could have a banned card release back into the game (and not destroy the format), I would rather have DMoC(Dark Magician of Choas for those of you who just joined us).

The card is really good even with today's standards, but I don't think anyone will name it broke with the top tier cards right now. Its one card that spellcasters need to stray away from FTK (although this card may just be the center of an FTK ... again). What the heck ... its not gonna happen isn't it?


AndrewNg said...

Sorry LGQ,banning Giant Trunade would make the format retarded if you are bringing back Heavy Storm .

Jaymie said...

Hyper Librarian is the one that needs to be hit. Those combos you mentioned? without Librarian to fuel them, you use up most of your hand and only get the single draw with Formula that you probably gave up to use Fishborg with.

Cloudian Quasar? 6 card opening hand. Foolish Fishborg, Summon Cloud, Acid Cloud, Turbulence. that's 4 out of 6 cards. You are not even able to do 2 Formula with it! (pull out smokex2, discard 1 to make 5star, discard 1 to make formula, discard last to make 5star, then Quasar). So there, right there, Librarian is the real problem.

LGQ said...

Librarian is a problem, but I don't see it deadly without Formula Syncron in the game, either way, one or both of them has to be banned.

LGQ said...

@andrew: Don't know, I just feel like the format is already retarded as it is, why not release the devil and see what will happen

Jaymie said...

@LGQ Librarian is the main problem. it allows you to overextend without repercussion, because you are drawing cards, refilling your hand, allowing you to back up the risk you just took. The card that lets you draw many is worse than the card that lets you draw one. Plant engine needs to be hit, yeah, and Dandy or Lonefire is the obvious choice.