Saturday, August 6, 2011

6th August TB monthly Tourney report

I haven't done one of these in a while, I went to TB early today(getting leave from company) with Lam and our friend Hong(not a blogger).

I went there just cause I don't feel like working and my friend at intern needs to go on a date, so he can't fetch me home today. Hence, I took the better option to go to TB with Lam, and sell my DW deck there, for Rm190(with Tyrus, bad deal? What ever).

Not really interested in the tourney as only the 1st and 2nd place gets prizes aside from TP. 1st gets Librarian (wow, how bout doing this earlier in the format?) and 2nd gets a SR Monster Reborn (for a card with commons and URs, its a stupid rarity). But since my 2 mates, SST and Fishtank are joining. I feel like I'll waste my time not playing.

Play my HERO deck, cause I'm not in the mood to play, just in the mood to take something home. (LOL)

Match starts at 12.30 I guess. But thats not important.

1st match vs Debris Dandy

1st duel : I have Rai-Oh out and he fails to stop me killing his Stardust. And beat him to death.

2nd duel : I have Super Poly and BTH set. Summon Airman, but was met with double MST at the end phase. He did the usual stuff to get a whole field of syncro and won.

3rd duel : I pull 5 monsters ... and SKILL DRAIN. The trap card alone won me the match as he couldn't do anything. His hand was full of Dandy, Debris, Junk and such. Cards that normally kill me if I don't have the continues trap. I eventually pull Fusion Gate and start spamming with it.


2nd Match vs Frog Monarch - SST

1st duel : I originally had him on the run but realize that our hand was 2 to 6 (with him leading), once he got rid of Rai-Oh, it was over.

2nd duel : He did his stunts and did Gatchi with Formula and Ronin. That stall the game for way too long. He took my Tornado with Creature Swap, and attacked me. I had Super Poly and fuse the 2 monsters for Shining. He destroyed them with me not having anything removed. The game once again was stalled, with me at 600 and him at 800. I have Heat and Shining out, Skill Drain face up. His turn came, he tribute his Treeborn for a Raiza, attack on Heat, which would deal 800 damage and win the game, but I play MST on my Skill Drain, raising Heat to 2000, taking only 400 damage, and Shining went up to 3800. Won next turn by attacking Raiza with Shining.

3rd duel : I start King Tiger, attacking to his Morphing Jar 2. Reset the field with an Ocean, without me losing half my deck (only a Spark). He didn't pull any frogs and Airman, Ocean, Allius beat him to death.


3rd match vs Infernity - Lam

1st duel : I played Solemn Judgment and Warning, which got my life to 2000. He Dark Hole my Rai-Oh and brought it back with Reborn. I top into E Call with Miracle and Spark in hand. LOLz!

2nd duel : I pull into DD Crow early and shut down his Mirage plays. From there it was pure beat down with HEROs.

4rd duel : I ditch DD Crow when he target Archfiend and Necro with Mirage, but it was an invalid move as he had cards in hand. Instead he went for Brionac with Zombie and Knight, which he then continue to use Mirage, which I still ditch Crow. His Brionac was killed by my Shining. He played Call, bringing the Dragon back, ditching his newly drawn card for it, but I have Skill Drain.


4th match vs Six Samurai - Fishtank

1st duel : I had Nova out, 3 Facedown, no HERO in grave and 1 card in hand. He go for Trishula, with a Grandmaster summon on field. I chain Super Poly, fusing his 2 monsters for Draco, which left him handless, monster-less, with 2 facedown. Me, handless, no HEROs in Grave, and 2 extremely big monsters on the field. He remove the bigger monster. Nova was met by Prison, but at that time, my field was huge and his life was running too low, with his last set card being a Gateway.

2nd duel : I have Rai-oh and Airman out and winning. He played Smoke Signal and play Light Imprisoning Mirror to negate Rai-Oh (which should be invalid as Rai-Oh's 1st effect is continuous, but we didn't realize that). He got Kageki, which summons Kagemusha, then Kizan came out to kill Rai-Oh, he goes for Shi-En. BUT, I already have Tribe Shocking Virus and an E HERO in hand since the beginning of the game. The 2 monsters attacked and went through, with him at 100. He draws and shows me United.

Before the match, we decided that this would be a 2-1 match no matter who own (which would later proof as an important decision).


Before the final match, we found out our organizer had the wrong idea in how the point accumulation works. Cause, he ruled, 1 point for losing a duel, 1.5 points for drawing and 2 points for winning it. But that lead to a very serious problem. As if you win 2 duels straight (2-0'ed your opponent), you would get 4 points, which is good. But if you lost 1-2, you get 2 points for the 1 win and 2 points for your 2 losses, so you still get 4 points...

So, by the end of the day, to get most points, you need to win 2-1, so you get 4 points for the 2 duels you win, and 1 point for the one you lost. A stupid mistake by the organizers indeed, and he realize this after the tourney when we told him.

But all my wins are 2-1 up till now, which place me and another Samurai player at the top.

Another problem with the tourney is that the matchings aren't match by points. Which I met with all the full win players (which is right), but the other guy played 2 guys with 1-X. And we are all surprise there is another 4 win in the tourney aside from me.

5th match vs Six Samurai - the other 4 win guy (cause I told the organizers that the remaining guys with the highest points should duel it out, and decide who takes Librarian)

1st duel : I have Rai-Oh out and stops his searches. He tries to clear my field which gone bad and end up with me with nothing on the field, and him with a facedown and 1 S/T. But I have 4 hands. I play Fusion Gate, summon Airman, grab Allius, fuse with all my hand for 2 Shining with 4100 attack, and attacks into him, which he reveals his set card being Magatama.

2nd duel : He summons Kizan and Kageki. I summon Ocean, killing Kageki, holding Fusion Gate, and debating whether to go for ZERO, but I felt he might have Dark Hole, so I end up setting Mirror Force. He plays MST , and he plays double Mizuho, Shinai and Grandmaster to clear me of my field and attack for the win.

3rd duel : I have 3 facedowns, Airman and normal Poly to ZERO, he has Enishi on the field, he then summons Kageki and specials Kagemusha, going for Shi-En. Then plays Enishi's effect to bounce ZERO, I wasn't bothered with Magatama as he has 1 set and I have Solemn, turns out he doesn't have Magatama and Shi-En dies for nothing ... Later in the game where he is extremely low in life. He plays Double Edge and summons Kageki and Kagemusha (why no Shi-En ... I really don't know, maybe cause his life was lower than the samurai's attack?). I flip Skill Drain, and he syncros for Shi-En. Ramming into my Airman, but I flipped Prison, which he flipped Magatame (cause I mistakenly said Mirror Force), and Shi-En was killed. He has Magatama set, and set a monster. I summon Shocking Virus, Airman attacks into the monster which turns out to be Kageki, but my last set card was Super Poly, which summons Tornado and deals 4500 damage and wins the match.


The organizers are now brain storming to decide the placing, but I pointed out I'm the only one in the tourney with full wins, and I have 25 points under my belt, AND he specifically said no Top 4~8 bullshits before hand. Thus, they have no choice but to hand me Librarian, while SST and the other samurai guy fights for 2nd place and SR Reborn.

SST won that match and goes home with Reborn (which he claims to be the card he wanted).

So, I place 1st, and got a decent prize for it. And from the TP, I pulled Pashuul, which is worth RM40 or at least 35 here.

Nice day overall, and for once I feel great bout ditching work. :)


shinigamimatt said...

Just curious, what's your build look like? Mine is pretty much just regular hero beat, but it seems you use fusion gate....i like the idea but cant figure out how you fit it in.

LGQ said...

A few post down below. :)