Monday, August 29, 2011

Agent Angel Dominating

Well, can't say I'm surprise. It IS the deck that won World Championship 2011. Its an SD to top that. And worst/best of all, its not touched by the banned list, nor its trap heavy enough for Heavy Storm to make a difference.

Normally, I would not care about what deck is dominating as such as no matter what the deck is, I could usually take it out with E HERO cause HEROs are pro and most people here in Malaysia only knows how HERO beat (which I dont take as an E HERO deck) is played. I mean, I play Poly and they are almost always stunned.

And I'm always like "What!? You don't watch the anime?"

But Agent Angel being the top does sorta hurt HEROs. I'm sorry to say that, Agents have always been my HEROs biggest problem in tourneys. Its not that I can't beat it at all, but the odds of winning is against me. Cause my deck focuses on taking out my opponent's shit one by one, then finishing them off with big fusions and Rai-Oh. The two bosses from that deck sorta beats generates 2 much advantage.

BUT, thats not that big of an issue. The biggest issue would be side boarding. For me, I find Agent Angel incredibly hard to side board against. The only cards I can think of and ARE really good would be 2 Mind Crush, a Dustshoot(which I mained) and 2 Veilers.

Continuous Trap like Skill Drain and Light Imprisoning Mirror had never been that effective against them to start with. With Heavy and 3 Typhoon, it just got worst.

I'm still modding my side deck and thank god I'm having an almost-1-week public holiday.

And since Samurais are no longer a threat, I think I could take out the Shocking Viruses for more Angel hate.


MaX said...

Ally Salvo and Ally of Justice Core Destroyer

mike said...

i know what you mean, boy =(

working on mine too for agents.

LGQ said...

@MaX : Exactly, and I can access Escuridao easier with those, but they are INCREDIBLY hard to find here.