Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Graceful Charity

Anyone remembers this card? Draw 3 ditch 2?

I was having conversation with some guys last week online, and they were talking bout how Pot of Duality is the most broken search/deck filter card ever ... Obviously they haven't join this game before Graceful was banned.

They defended Pot was better by saying you don't have to discard anything ... which is true IF you are playing Antimeta-ish stun decks, and thats only true half of the time, or more specifically when you reveal 3 powerful traps. But they missed the point that you don't have to discard the cards from the 3 you drawn, I forgot to tell them that as well.

With that said, I really don't think Pot of Duality is gonna get hit by the banned list in anyway come Spetember. I don't know why many are thinking its gonna get to 2. Its only seen in decks that can't go spamming in 1 turn, if you wanna hit Agents, hit Earth and Krystia, its good enough. But since when Konami is so predictable.

Like many bloggers expected, I wish Heavy Storm to come out of prison and throw Trunade into it. I don't think Konami understands this thou. So if they do, its gonna be the first time they actually did something good for the game in a while. Their usual strategy of taking care of the meta is banning the most powerful themed cards so people stop bitching for a few months, and make new more broken shit so that you complain for the months to come before the banned list. I really do NOT hope that they banned Trunade but left Storm in banning, thats just gonna be stupid.

Note, this is not a banned list talk.

But, another thing I wannna talk about is TG Gadgets. This deck is amazingly consistent, even without Tengu, which would make it broken ? Then again, if we have Tengu, why would we bother playing Gadgets? Just go with TG Tengu and we have a championship winning deck thats cost less than half the price of BF.

This deck, as I tested, has an incredible match up against Dark World, providing they did not activate a Virus before hand, then your just sitting ducks. Drawing into any 2 TG and a Gadget automatically makes you Trishula, and Dark World is almost always dead with a timely summoned Trishula.

I did not have Dualities in my TG Gadgets, mainly because I need my only playset in Sabers. Another thing I'm missing is Wonder Magician. Which is still pretty expensive around here although no one plays them.

I play my deck like usual Gadget Stun, which consists of Breakers, Smashing, Controller and other shits like Compulse and Prison. That Oppression is too much work for maining sadly. Works for me as of now, I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with it though.

I'm planning to side another set of Gedgets and 3 Ultimate Offering to turn this into Offering Gedgets. Since Stun decks usually have a lot of room in their side, well, I haven't build a side board for this deck yet, so I guess this can wait till then.

Selling off my DW deck to a friend, cause I'm totally bored with that deck, and I like TG Gadgets better as of now.

Sorry for not posting last week end, I hurt my fingers (yes, fingerS!) last Friday night and it hurts typing.


Anonymous said...

are u kidding me you just stated my thoughts but pot of greed is the best draw card he.he.the first plus card i can think of. it's just entitled to be the best granted. idk duality should be banned not just hit to 1 or 2. broken, hell no! but it bumped many tier 2 and 3 decks to tier 1 and 2 respectively not good for the diverse formats we already had right? i like the title it made me think that graceful would get unbanned or something......lol

mike said...

@ the anon above me- Graceful charity > pot of greed .

why? because graceful charity lets you see one more card which is very very useful and the discard option isnt that bad either.

any player in the past could tell you they rather pull off graceful charity + sinister serpent than resolving pot of greed, in this era we have too many sinister serpent-ish cards ranging from glow up bulb, spore, zephyros, treeborn frog etc bla bla bla so yeah :)

LGQ said...

sorry bout the confusion, but the Pot they stated was Duality, not Greed.