Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Heat Wave Rabbit deck

I build this for fun on Duelnet yesterday. Me, Fishtank and Sharmir are teaming up for the team tourney next month, and we decided that player A will be fodder, which I wanted to be, and the other 2 doesn't allow.

So, we decide to duel it off. I played it against Fishtank, which I took beating at 1st until I cleared the field with Mirror Force and proceed to win with Heat Wave and vanilla monsters.

BUT, since I won, I couldn't be fodder, so I challenge Sharmir since he was the boss, and told him I'll be A if I won a match.

I won game 1 hands down because Tengu is a beast (lit.). Loss game 2, his 2100 Laquari attacks my Vorse Raider, I flip Horn, he flips horn, I flip another horn, he flips 7-tools. His advantage was then too large for me to win. 3rd duel starts with me summoning Andal, setting Chariot and Bottomless, holding Rabbit. He ends with 2 sets, which I so conveniently drew Trunade.

Later, I tested my deck out with SST, which proves the concept of the deck surprisingly broken. But some tweaks still need to be made. I'm not sure if anyone posted decklist online yet, if anyone have links to Bunny Heat Wave deck, please link it in the comments below.

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