Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chaos Numbers

So, unlike Buster Mode introduced in the 3rd pack of 5D's, I actually think this is good (anime effect wise).

Hope Ray is an instant summon, just overlaying Hope together with its Overlay unit and you get to summon a 2500 monster that can pump itself up by detaching one of its overlay unit. It gains 500 for each of the units detach, meaning it can go to 4000 (Hope + 2 Overlay units), plus for each unit detach, you can also decrease the opposing monster's attack by 1000.

Hope Ray is basically THE biggest beatstick in yugioh, nothing under 7000 can take it out. LOL.

But thats just the anime effect.

Banned list is in the corner, any post about combos and facts, deck might just end up wasting afford by next week.

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