Thursday, May 27, 2010

YGO 5D's 111 Review!!

Just finish watching and we a lot of familiar scenes. To name a few :

1. The Nazca lines!! Oh Yeah!! Earthbound!!

2. Bomber and his brother and sister (I was under the impression that he has dozens of siblings ... )

3. Earthbound God shape race track (the whale to be precise)

4. The weird couple thats associated with the Earthbound God sightings (the Afro and hippy, most probably misspelled ). I think they are in fact the main bad guys of 5D's .

5. Jack Crashing (this time, before he loses).

6. The most EPIC of them all, Jack Atlas being attack by Red Daemon's Dragon ... sorta ...

I like this episode overall, as it shows you that the Earthbound God Arc does exist and its not OUR imagination.

Jack being in the center stage and Yusei at the side lines as a side kick (which should be applied from the start to the end of the series) is always good.

Bomer's brother, Max runs a pretty interesting deck. While I don't think locking down a Power deck is useful, I can see those cards in FTK decks (the bird thing anyway ... ).

First time we see a riding duel with one of the duelist not riding himself (excluding Godwin who was ... just standing there).

Fire Daemon Ghost//Retarded-Kid guy is kinda cool but he looks like Meramon (if you know what I'm talking about).

Spoiler for episode 112. Jack dueling Fire Emo Kid(using stone tablets). Are we going to see Jack preforming Accel Syncro into Scarlet Nova Dragon?

If it so, we can confirm one FACT, you do not need to achieve the speed of ... some very fast speed to perform Accel Syncro. OR maybe Jack Atlas can reach that speed ON FOOT!!

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