Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sin Prizepool Tourney Sungei Wang 23rd May Report

Overall, I did pretty bad at this tourney. There was about 20 participants.

Deck used : E HERO (as I still lack 1 Dark Panther before I can use my Neko deck)

1st match - Machiner Monarch - Uncle Micheal

He was 15 minutes late, but I play him anyway since his a friend.

1st duel - Pretty much stale mate with me having Fusion Gate on the field and Ocean and Allius at hand while he has Caius and a facedown. I already have Stratos BTHed on turn 1, so the only thing (unless he has D Prison) that could lead Shining into outgame was the other BTH. So, I summoned Shining and got BTHed. The duel goes from there. If I summoned Zero, it would be a safer option.

I didn't even see any Machiner's being played, so I sided in anti-Monarch cards.

2nd duel - Machiner's Fortress jump out. I was like ...


0 - 1

2nd match - Yubel - a friend

1st duel - I did a very bold move, flipping Morphing Jar on my turn, and deal some damage. He drop Montage Dragon with 2 Yubel's 3rd form.

2nd duel - Same mistake again but this time he couldn't finish me off (leaving me at 1900). Summoning Montage Dragon took too much of his advantage and I pushed from there.

3rd duel - He summoned Montage again he attacks ZERO while my life is 2500, I flipped Skill Drain ...


1 - 1

So, I basically need to win the following matches to even have a chance of getting into the top 4.

3rd match - BF (just my luck)

1st duel - He misplayed as he forgotten about ZERO's effect, while I misplayed by Sacrificing Zero for The Earth's effect while he had Starlight Road (which I saw earlier when he flipped the wrong card). Drew all spell hands from there.

2nd duel - I start first and controlled the duel.

3rd duel - He starts first and controlled the duel.


1 - 2

so, basically I aint getting into top 4 now...

4th match - Yusei deck with 2 Starlight Road

1st duel - He tried to Call of the Haunted Stardust that was summoned with Road .

2nd duel - He destiny draw into Junk Syncron and syncro for Destroyer, I flipped BTH.


2 - 2

5th match - Lightsworn - another friend

1st duel - can't do anything without siding.

2nd duel - Skill Drain FTW.

3rd duel - I fusion SPAM into Shining and ZERO. He tries to NUKE me with JD, I flipped Skill Drain. He attacks Shining, HONEST!!


3 -2

so basically screwed up this tourney. Out of 20, I placed 10th ... my worst ranking of the year.

pros of this tourney :

1. the Sam Chai effect, when me and Zack are waiting for our opponents at game 1, Paul suddently called Sam's name and all of us on the 1st row of tables gave a freaking hilarious expression.

2. Rainbow Neos beat Infernity. This is truly a remarkable fleet.

3. Getting cards for cheap.

4. A lot of funny duel moments.

5. Saw a VWXYZ deck that works!! But the guy faced 2 BFs and a Machina ...

6. Final Countdown is cool. Keep on reminding your opponent about the turns are even cooler!!

7. Paul's best judging Theory, when some guy ask for the judge for some impossible move, he said : Pay Rm200 to the judge, this card cannot be negated. In this case, Solemn CAN negate the effect of an ALREADY face-up something. We agreed to this theory completely.

cons :

1. The ranking ...

2. Mr KC's attitude to me the whole day!!

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