Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another Tourney

So there would be another Sin Prizepool tourney over at Sungei Wang's this Sunday. The organizer is Karl Lim, link is here. So be sure to go if you are interested. Apparently I'm writing this out at my blog without his knowing.... Oh well. It should be a 5 round Swiss and then Single Elimination for the top 4.

I don't know whether I would participate in this but I have to go there to return some cards to Rankiba or Ah Gan anyway. By the way, anyone can hook me up with 3 copies of Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter (OCG of cause). Apparently, I'm out.

Nothing much to update as I was busy yesterday and the day before with my Gundam X and Turn-A marathon.

But I do find that when building a Rescue Cat deck, AKB is still my best choice yet. While its no where near as good as it was. I proof me quite consistent.

And for anyone waiting for the new SD (I know I'm exited!), I find that the new field spell ... kinda MEH... Well, it is a good card, no doubt there. But is it gonna affect how Dragons are played ... only time will tell.

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