Saturday, May 1, 2010

Count Down to May 2nd Tourney : 1 DAY!

As the title suggested, tomorrow will be a HUGE tourney (no where near SJ's 2500 of cause) for us Malaysians, and being a holiday today, you can imagine how big the response would be.

Before entering the main topic, sorry for the lack of post this week cause my modem is HIT by Lightning (maybe I did something to Zeus?) this monday, and I'm currently enjoying a cup of Green Tea Latte at Starbucks (reading... for my exams this Thursday...)

Personally, I have a competitive deck ready (2 in fact as my Jinzo Gadget deck I build this week proofs itself capable of matching Syncro Cat in Speed and consistency). I have all the side deck cards ready and being a holiday today means I can make final adjustments to my deck before the big day. Only problem is : I'm not going ...

Ha ha ha!! I guess all that effort I just wrote had gone to waste eh. Why ? As I said, I have my finals later this week and I don't wanna let this tourney mess this up.

BTW. This post here. Its EPIC.

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14170 said...

Enjoy and Jinzo gadgets sounds intresting..