Sunday, May 30, 2010

30th May Kepong Tourney Report

Well, decided to enter 40 minutes before the tourney at 12 noon, drives there in 30 minutes (from Klang to Kepong is a rather short journey, 45 KM +- ... ), to find out that we are not starting on time ...

Build my side deck there when I realize that I forgotten some cards back home ...

Deck used : Flamvell Cat

1st match vs DD deck

he was late as he went to the mens.

1st duel - forgotten how I win.
2nd duel - forgotten how I lose.
3rd duel - review 1st duel.


1 - 0

2nd match vs DD Monarch

he was eating when the match starts, so another wait.

1st duel - Airbellum rape his hand.
2nd duel - Caius rapes my Syncro monster.
3rd duel - 3 Airbellum in my starting hand. Luckily, my opponents starting hand was worst.


2 -0

3rd match - BF - Zack // Zhen Pei

1st duel - misplay, I didn't know Snowman Eater only targets FACE UP.
2nd duel - Airbellum hand rape action and Caius FTW.
3rd duel - He syncro for Arms Wing and pushed for game after he Icarus my Concentrated Light.


2 - 1

4th match - BF - a friend

1st duel - stupid Sap Kao Fung was very noisy beside me and my opponent figure out that my face down was a BTH.
2nd duel - same case as duel 1, but this time, I was setting Spy, when he was like, "NO!! You can't do that. If he summons .... you cannot destroy him ... ". Get the point? And he flipped up my BTH for no reasons ...

XX, regardless of the stupid reasons, my opponent was good so the results shouldn't be too different even if Sap Kau Fung shuts up.

2 - 2

5th match - Monarch - Team Arcobeleno member

1st duel - was really tired so I played very seriously as I just wanna go home then (as there is no way I'm getting into top4 with X -2. Forgotten the details of the duel.
2nd duel - didn't side anything as I don't feel like it. Dark Armed pushed for game.


3 - 2

ranking ... no clue as it wasn't reviewed, nor is it important. Man, scrubbed again.

Basically, I feel that my Flamvell Cat can have a good duel with almost any deck in the meta. BF, well, just say that I don't have the sides against it ...

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