Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 15th Kepong tourney result!!

Today, I went to the Kepong locals for the first time. First impression : needs Air-conditioning.

It was a prize pool system. And about 20 people participated.

Deck used : Flamvell Cats (which I began to LOVE quite much)

1st match : VS Dark Syncro - some Kepong guy

1st duel - Controlled with Snowman Eater and also Flamvell.

2nd duel - Almost got myself with Oppression (although it did me good). 3 darks in the grave, DAD in my hand. I draw, HEAVY STORM!!


1 - 0

2nd match - Anti-META - a friend with I so inconveniently forgotten his name.

1st duel - Rai-oh and Burden of the Mighty got me.

2nd duel - Snowman Eater FTW.

3rd duel - Snowman Eater did his job again and again and finally, again.


2 - 0

3rd match - BF - Carl Lim

- for those of you who don't know this, me and Carl has a history of almost always meeting in the 3rd match and then always ending with victory in his hands.

1st duel - Quite a good hand, until he activated Dustshoot at the start of my first turn, reviewing my 2 Bottomless and he send my Snowman Eater back...

2nd duel - Snowman Eater and Flamvell controlled the duel and my 2 Airbellum knock out cards from his hand slowly.

3rd duel - Open with Black Panther, Cold Wave, MST, Mind Crush and Mirror Force. Okay? I set both traps, and he Dust Tornado-ed Mind Crush and summons Stardust ...

XOX - still can't break the curse ...

2 - 1

4th match - Magician Lock-down - I don't know this guy

1st duel - Snowman Eater again.

2nd duel - He had 2 Crusader of Endymion out and beat the crap of my Airbellums(which I pulled 1st turn). Change the tide by drawing Dog and Sync into Stardust. BRAIN CONTROL!!

3rd duel - Black Panther copied his Grave Keeper's Decendent and blow his 2 back rows. DAD comes out and stayed there for the game.


3 - 1

So, basically, there was 5 "3 -1"s and only 3 can get into the top 4. So, basically who ever wins this round is in.

5th match - GB - the Indian guy which had ONLY played GB for 3 years!!

1st duel - He starts, and obviously build up a freaking wall of backrows.

2nd duel - I start and took in with me by siding in anti-GB sides.

3rd duel - I pulled Oppression 1st turn set it and keep on destroying his GB as he has Forest out and MUST tag or die. The game was at stale mate for at least 10 turns with neither of us can do anything. He Icarus-ed Oppression and my faced down Book of Moon. And I was still barely able to keep a lead. Pulled Cat, and activated it, he was like "FU*K !!" and I found out the only things in my deck was 2 Ryko, trying to be a good sport, I special summoned them and deal 400, cutting him to 1100. He summons Laquari and starts to have the edge again. I set Snowman Eater. He used a 2nd Forest but got his Laquari blown up. Summons Equeste (me at 800 and Snowman Eater in Attack due to Forest) and rams into Snowman, I try to chain it to Book but he Solemn-ed it.

XOX - 3rd duel was a great one, for some reason most of my good duels ended with me losing.

3 - 2

so, out of 20, I placed 5~6-ish, why, the owner never told us our ranking aside from the top 4, and being 1 of the 2 "3 -2"s, I should be 5 or 6.

Results :

1st - Zack - BF
2nd - GB Indian - and of cause GB
3rd - I don't know this guy and did not see his duel, so naturally I don't know his deck
4th - Carl Lim - BF

For some reason, both 1st and 2nd placers did not take Red Eyes Darkness Metal which was the most expensive piece on the table. Maybe because of the fact that it might get reprinted?

According to rankiba(shop owner//partner of shop owner), next week there would also be a tourney, confirmed prizes would be Dandelion, the others are not comfirmed. This is on Saturday.

Next Sunday, Carl Lim organizes a prize pool tourney at Sungei Wang. The prizes are the same as last time (the Sin cards).

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