Thursday, May 20, 2010

Herald of Perfection in TOP8!? AWESOME!!

I just read the Satellite News at about the duels. It seems that Machina Gadget won, but what really surprises me is that Herald made it to the top 8's. That's really awesome as all of you should know that the Herald deck isn't really an aggressive deck AND needs a lot of skills to play it right.

Also, I just found out that there is actually a story line for the DT series. Thanks to Neuxcharge.

It seems that for every series is like an episode and the archtypes that are gone from the series means THEY ARE DEAD.

If I didn't get things wrong. The summary should be something like this :

1. Worms invade the planet and the natives X-sabers, Mist Valley and Flamvell made an alliance to fend them off. Ice Barriers (the EMO people) chose to mind their own business (since maybe Bronaic escape from the seal).

2. Worms army came in and over powered the natives. To counter them, they created the AOJ. Which fended them off. The war grew fierce and it was an arms-race. The natives also created Genex to further support the AOJ.

3. The natives finally lost the war but the other natives aka Natural came into the fight. The Magoushin finally awakens and put the war into a stale-mate. At this point or another, the Juraks awakens from their slumber (hey, they ARE dinosaurs...).

4. Decessive Arms was created and it pushed the battles into the favors of the natives along with the inclusion of Dragunity into their army (which relates to the now DEAD Mist Valley). Neo-Flamvell appears for God-knows-what reasons.

5. Magoushin decides that the world would be theirs and decides to kill off the other natives to claim it (NO WONDER THEY ARE LIGHT). And the war continues with the further improvement of GENEX and AOJ. But it wasn't powerful enough, as Magoushins are GODS.

6. Destruction happen again and the EMO peoples (aka Ice Barriers) couldn't take it anymore. To ensure their victory, they made a bad move, to unleash their most powerful Sealed Beast, Trishula(I was waiting for this).

7. The war ended and Trishula destroyed what they called civilization.

8. Vayrons are Gods. And the story of Advent of Vayrons hasn't been reviewed YET.

Of cause, these are just what I know of. If any of you know the complete story, please include a link in the comments!!

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