Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm an ALIEN. I can't understand HUMAN because I play YGO

or at least thats what I heard from a friend. This shit went on the Guang Ming newspaper(some Chinese paper) last week (I think).

Some kid (15) went crazy and told his parents that he is not human. Parents went to some locals and blame the hobby(YGO of cause) for driving their son mad. Or something like that...

According to my friend, the whole Penang State YGO player is looking for this guy, and on YGO logic they will CHALLENGE HIM to a duel and the loser gets sent into the shadow realm.

So, basically this kid whose played YGO for 3 years gone stupid/retarded and some locals at Penang is no longer helding locals(or so I heard).

Penang Duelist, please fill me in as I don't have a clue of all this.


Explain to me again how playing YGO would make you think that your an ALIEN?


The above are mostly based on my imagination of the limited info I have!!

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