Saturday, December 11, 2010

5 Important cards this format (to me):

These cards are gonna be important for the rest of the format (I'm speaking Malaysian meta of cause). While people are gonna argue, why card XX ain't here and card XX ain't good enough. But most of you would agree with at least 3 of the cards (I hope ... ).

Lets not waste more time as I'm actually having my final paper for this semester next Wednesday. And I really should be refreshing some notes now.

1. Compulsory Evacuation Device

I personally like this card main. But side is just as good. The big 3 of the Malaysian format is now officially, BF, Six Samurai and Herald of perfection. While not really affecting the top decks a lot, it will most certainly mess up all the other decks to some degree. While is this card good then? It saves you deck spaces you need to counter a lot of decks and focuses your side on the 3 main ones.

Decks that this card absolutely rapes : Scrap, Gigavise, GB, and any other syncro heavy decks.

2. Dust Tornado

I can imagine people in the OCG dropping Trap Stun (which isn't really that popular in the first place) for this. Of the 3 top decks, only BF plays heavy traps(Samurai do also, but doesn't rely on traps as much as BF). Dust Tornado gets rid of face down, face up, trap AND spell. Thats the beauty of this card. Its a one way out to Gate and a faced down Decree(just set) for decks that don't have much space in their main.

Its more user friendly then Trap Stun in our format. Cause the only decks that plays trap are like mentioned, BF, GB and Stun.

3. Cyber Dragon

What!? I mean, I know its good against Machines but is it that good? YES! I mean, if Six Samurai doesn't have Shien out, there is nothing they have that is gonna top this thing. And if you ARE the one running Samurai, this card is gonna be good in your side cause people are gonna side in Kinetic Soldier. Like Compulse, this is just one of those cards that could single handily take on a lot of decks.

He can take on : BF, GB, Herald, Light Beat, Machina, STUN based decks (if oppression ain't out yet), Karakuri and so much more.

I personally like to have 3 in the sides or main 1 side 2. But its really hard to find the perfect number for him.

4. Thunder King RaiOh

This is a beast of a card. Its a beatstick that can TOTALLY stop your opponent in his tracks. To competitive players, Rai Oh is no stranger. But now, his more important than ever. The top 3 decks in our format all falls under his kill list. It slows BF down if you get him out turn 1, and stops Samurai and Herald right there. Problem with this card is that its a promo and not all decks can run it.. For those who can, he is gonna be your MVP, thats for sure.

5. Lava Golem//Volcanic Queen

Which of the 2 is better ... I really don't know, I mean, Volcanic Queen is easier to bring out but Golem does more damage. In my previous post, I mention that how Golem takes down Samurai and stuff. Queen takes down Herald and BF easier. Not that you wanna side this in against BF, but ...

Why are they good? They don't destroy and tributing are cost of the summon. Matagama and Herald says ... oh ...

BUT, this is still on experimental stage as I still have not test this side against the mentioned decks. Next week, wait till my exam finishes!!


That wraps out my top 5 picks for the (Malaysian) format. I like reading feed backs so type out what you think BELOW.

Malaysian duelist : Why isn't HERO beat a top deck in Malaysia? It tops a lot.

me : For the fact that only 1 guy plays it (right). No matter how consistent he//she tops with it. If no other guy plays that deck, its not going to be considered a meta deck.

This same answer goes to alot of decks as well.

Again, if you have things to say, down in the comments please!!

Btw, why did the world get destroy by syncro monsters?


BTMW_Anarchy said...

Either Volcanic Queen or Lava Golem would be a excellent side card for hero decks in this kind of meta.

Once the E-HERO Nova Master (VJUMP promo?, HERO + Fire Monster, thus Super Fusion) comes out, people will be terrified when VQ or LG comes right on their field.

ghost said...

i main main 2 cydra n 2 compulsary while siding another 3 cards u mentioned. yes they r good.really2 good~~~

LGQ said...

wow, guess my meta breakdown ain't as bad as I think they are!