Friday, December 31, 2010

Bye 2010!! A look back the past year!!

This is basically what I posted a year ago, same title(except for the 2010 of cause), and I'm gonna post a similar topic.

2010 was a VERY VERY good year for me, YGO AND non-YGO. My grades are getting considerably higher (from failing to getting 1 or 2 A's). I've been going to locals far more then before (and ranking quite high for most of them).

Getting to know Cookie, Team Abaranger among others.

Down side is that I think that I spend more in YGO then ever before ... need to cut down on booster packs!!

From this point, we can safely say that 2010 is the Year of OTKs. At the beginning of the year, TDSH brought us 2 extremely powerful and broken deck types, one stupidly expensive and the other a bunch of commons and rares. Infernity and Frogs made us realize once again just how powerful loops are.

DREV brought us what TCG call "The Trinity". Pot of Duality, Solemn Warning and Effect Veiler (not true in OCG) changed the game paced. Pot of Duality gave pace to decks that are slower before and to the point that you can't keep up without having a play set yourself(if your running AntiMETA or equivalent). Warning just acts as the new BTH and completely replaced it as for now.

2010 was also an important year to us, as Lam's forum started and the whole KL YGO community became closer and info can be spread easier.

To name a few interesting things that happened in the past year :

1. Lam Forum
2. YGO Championship PLUS, the 1st official Team Tourney in Malaysia was organized, and the championship title was won by our Reps! Another Medal of Honor for our YGO community.
3. Wong Fei Hung became a legend. It started as this format begin, and the person who was just everyone's friend rose to legend and top 90% of all the locals that was held.
4. Nick top8 in last week's Malaysian Open with Odin//Gravekeepers.
5. Head Judge Cookie.

I don't really think the facts after 3 are THAT important, but I've run out of things to write.

Before I end my post, I wanna do what I did last year. Reviewing my E HERO side deck. This is to show how my deck evolve in a year, and I hope that I'll be doing this again next year.

2 Cyber Dragon
2 DD Crow
2 Super Polymerization
2 Book of Moon
2 Skill Drain
2 Chivalry
2 Fairy Wind
1 Dust Tornado

Cyber Dragon is a card that could be an answer to many decks. Its mere presence is a being that symbolizes Power. Siding in this against decks like BF, GB, Stun based or Beat based deck, you name it, and it will be a chore for your opponent. It's 2100 attack points and special summon ability, together with its attribute and name, place it on top of all other beatsticks.

DD Crow can be a pain, especially to decks that need a certain card in the grave to play. Most notably, Frog Monarchs, Debris Dandy and Infernity. While players are starting to drop this in favor of Cravice. This card is still more suitable for decks that play heavy traps, as who know when your opponent might drop a Decree upon you. While most decks nowadays need a chain of combos to play effectively, it could be stop by a simple yet surprising move of dropping this raven from your hand.

Book of Moon is no stranger to competitive duelist. Siding it however, is an act not many would do. Well, people are now dropping, BTH, the so called staple from their main, my call is this card is next. Just look at our META, just what deck does this card stops? Samurai? NO. BF? A little. Debris Dande? Yes. Angel decks? NO. Meta beat? NO. While this card is good and it CAN potentially change the outcomes of the game, its not doing it right now.

Super Polymerization is a card all fusion E HERO players must play. The ability to snatch and disrupt your opponent's game plan, plus the ability to not get imagine break is too good. However, as powerful as it is, there aren't that many decks that this card could single handily take down. While its options are limited, this card can be gamebreaking and devastating when used against the right decks.

To fusion E HERO players, playing this card isn't logic, its just addiction.

Skill Drain isn't as good in the meta as it was. Stopping all effects on the field can be very very powerful, but it doesn't do as much now as you thought. While its not what its used to be, it can still very much likely win games for you. Main worthy, an obvious NO, but side worthy? YES. Its just one of those cards that aren't doing that well, but its still too good to let go.

Chivalry, a card that is not really needed in the side right now. Why is it still in my side deck ... well, lets just say it safe my ass too many times for me to bail it right now. The only decks this card might be good against are BF and GB. Sometimes, Lightlord and Debris Dande. BUT, there are better cards against these decks ... while I do know that, it seems that its impossible for me to take this card out right now.

Fairy Wind was a card that I took a liking of since it came out. Its effect is simple and good. It stayed in our scarp pile for god knows how long cause there ain't any decks that this card can do good against. But now, since the boys from Edo are doing so well, this Ominous Wind will take down their pretty Gate before they can make use of it. There are better cards that could do the job, but I just like this card ... quite a lot.

Dust Tornado ... A card I really hate ... I really hate it, but I don't have anything that could be sided in instead.

Thats it for 2010!! See you guys again next year!!

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