Wednesday, December 29, 2010

YGO manga updates!!

Forget what I said in the previous post. Just finish reading this issue's 3 YGO manga.

ZeXal's pilot episode is ... ok at best, its quite shonen, just not really YGO. I like the fact that Yuma starts out as a noob, unlike Yugi and Yusei who are pro from the start(well, Yusei has been dueling illegally for years so we can deal with that), and Judai is just an asspull bastard.

Other than that, it reminds me of YGO manga chapter 1, where Jounouchi took a piece of Yugi's puzzle and threw it into the school pool.

5D's manga was boring ...

Aki vs Kiryu ...

If that was a real duel, we see who win already. I mean, Aki vs Kiryu? The only reason Aki might even win is the fact that she's the female lead, and Kiryu lacks back story in the manga.

Infernity Knight is mediocre at best, wonder why people keep telling me its broken. Archer however, can be quite powerful and deadly, just not splashable into any Infernity deck.

KC memorial park!! Woo Hoo!! Did Kaiba died?

Now, moving in to GX, the best of the 3 obviously.

Tragodia is ... revived, and his doing Godzilla over at Duel Academy. And he made this with the Planets. A Grand Cross!!

2 on 1 duel, Judai + Manjyoume vs Trag.

Trag, being the nice guy he is, gives Kuriboh and Earth back to Judai, and Judai being smart for once, decided to play safe, by using his E HEROs!

I was like : "YEAH!! HELL YEAH!! E HERO!!" when I saw him summoning Forestman, and I bet Manjyoume fills the same as well.

Trag is using some weird ass strategy which reminds me of the one Yakou used when he dueled Kaiba, you know, waiting for Ultimate Dragon to be summoned, the take the fusion material. I was actually pretty surprised when Trag didn't special summon Trag(card) when Manjyoume direct attacks him.

Guess we have a few more episode and 1 or 2 more Tankoban to go. Since the title for this episode is Duel 61 : Final Duel.

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