Saturday, December 4, 2010

What to do today:

1. Me, Nick and Lam are organizing our own tourney for some local players. This will be our first, so its quite exciting.

2. Gonna look for 2 more horses, 1 white goat and a random trap card for my Thor deck. Which is extremely fun as I tried with proxies, brought out Thor 5 times in a match with Pot of Avarice.

3. Sell some cards to make money.

4. IF I go to Sg Wang//TS today. I'll get a MG 00-Qan[T]!!

5. Countdown to my 20th Birthday tomorrow!!

Personal Tech for my X-saber Side deck :

1. Kaiser Colosseum

This card is awesome in here, at least in my deck. This card completely stops swarming. Unless they wanna waste a MST on it. My deck usually doesn't swarm, and most of the time, I'll only have 1 monster on the field, so this card is deadly in here.

2. Skill Drain

Most of the (more important)monsters I have activates their effect in the grave. I could care less about what happens on the field. It does slows me down, but for the fact that I could potentially stop my opponent at his tracks, I can live with this. Its a weird tech, I know, but what works for me usually doesn't for others.

Malaysian Meta VS Trap Stun :

Trap Stun is good but not good enough to be worth maining now over here. As I said in an earlier post, people don't play as much trap as you think. Its not like its not good, it can work, just not as good as you thought it would.

Dust Tornado is the better card at the moment because of (A) Samurai and (B) it does the same thing as Stun most of the time (being getting rid of back row threats).

People are saying True Six Samurai are overhyped, well, they aren't. I've seen alot of lists, they ARE good, extremely good, BUT not broken just yet. Yes, it can swarm like crazy and blow the crap out of everything you have and maybe negates your activation once in a while. BUT, you'll still need that gate out.

People are comparing True Six Samurai to Infernity last format, to me, whats there to compare? I mean, you are taking an extremely good deck to be compared to an almost broken deck. Both need a specific card to go off, I get this, BUT difference is one has to wait for that specific card while the other just searches for it like turn 2?

Don't get me wrong, in a single duel, the True Six Samurai deck vs Infernity 3x Launcher, Infernity would win 80% of the time, BUT in a match, its the complete opposite. As there aren't really many cards that can really just kill samurai yet not affect your deck at all.

This coming from a non-samurai and non-infernity player may be not convincing, please ignore me if you find it not true.

Here is my Thor deck right now which I find quite consistent:

monster (19):

3x Polar Beast Horse
3x Polar Beast Goat (White)
3x Polar Beast Goat (Black)
3x Super Nimble Mega Hamster
3x Ryko Lightsworn Puppy
2x Mine Mole
1x Sangan
1x Card Trooper

spell (14):

3x Pot of Avarice
3x Upstart Goblin
2x MST
1x Giant Turnade
1x Cold Wave
1x Burial from a Different Dimension
1x My Body as a Shield
1x Last March
1x Monster Reborn

trap (7):

3x Polar Star Treassure Gungnir
3x Gleipnir, Fetters of the Gods
1x Solemn Judgment

Polar Star Treassure Gungnir is good in here cause of two things, Bottomless Trap Hole and Caius the Freaking Shadow Monarch.

Mine Mole cause it can't be destroy by battle once, and I may draw 1 if I have Za Horse in my hand and I go into Bicorn.

Upstart just to thin my deck a little.

Thats it for today!!

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