Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Some updates before I go into exile//study.

I like this card : Skull Meister.

1. He looks like Rihan from Nurarihyon no Mago.
2. he basically does the same thing as well.

But, why can't he be an Undead instead of Fiend ? It would fit his Yokai status more, but that would be gay considering he is a beatstick that ... does nothing else actually. Why ain't he an Undead?


Considering The GX manga is about to end. The final duel is coming up (maybe a filler duel or 2 in between).

Its almost certain that its gonna be Judai + Manjyome VS Trag!

Things that I hope happens in the duel :

1. Trag bloody summons a Planet(random 1) first turn. And keeps spamming Planets after each 1 is destroyed thanks to a certain card//combo.

2. Judai summons a cool M HERO and beat the crap out of the combo. He(Judai) sets up for a game winning play(with Sarco like cards).

3. Trag goes evil and plays Polymerization!! Fusing into The Earth!! Judai goes emo!! Manjyome fends him off.

4. Manjyome summons LaDD and destroy the freaking Earth and Judai sees images of Koyo.

5. Trag summons The Sun and control the field.

6. Judai is 1 turn from completing his combo BUT Trag notices and sends the Sun and who knows what effect he has to Judai's M HERO.

7. Manjyome tries to be the HERO and activates a trap(you know the one) that directs the attack to LaDD(at 800 now). Says something EPIC and faints. LaDD's effect kicks in and let Judai summons a M HERO.

8. Judai draws, says something EPIC. Activates the 1 card that he had been waiting for. Finishes his big play, summons THE MOST EPIC M HERO and wins!!

Thats how I want the manga or at least the duel with Trag to end!! Sorry for the fanfic!!

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