Sunday, December 12, 2010

Some updates!!

Yesterday, my team mate Nick went to locals and top 2. For a man of his caliber, thats really not something to be surprise about. BUT, he did it with Karakuri.

Now, for about two weeks, Nick was convince that Karakuri is good. I mean, we all know they are good, but he is convinced that they are BF good (or something like that).

So, he took his build and went to Sg Wang yesterday, alone, cause I'm having my finals and Lam's working. And beat the crap out of most of everyone in the locals and scored a second place there. Ok, he didn't beat everyone, but ... you get the point.

He succeeded in proving to us//me that Karakuri is a tourney worthy decks, and throughout the day, he have success and ending up losing only to our beloved Wong Fei Hung.

Nick remarks that, he did not lose to Lightbeat BUT Thunder King Rai Oh. Which if you read my previous post is one of the 5 cards I think is going to be really important this format.

From the looks of things, while STOR brought a lot of duelist into the Samurai world, its still the same old Lightbeat topping here at KL, nothing had changed since the beginning of this format.

Now, thats that. Time for some personal news!!

My side deck for Sabers has finally been completed, aiming to bring down the top 3 decks in the Meta while my main can take care of others.

Dustshoot is amazing, even with all the discarding my deck does. Maybe because I main Morphing Jar but the card really win games for me.

STILL, taking Samurai without Rai Oh is hard for me (Sabers is my deck for the official tourneys so I don't have promos in it).

While I like my build and all, I still need to practice with it (siding wise) cause I can't really take out a lot of cards without seriously hindering my deck's strength. Some problems are still available I guess.

Main deck wise, my Sabers is more powerful than my E HERO, but it isn't as versatile as my HEROs and can't take on bad match ups as easy. And its hard to side out card, unlike my HERO deck which I can side out all 15 cards in my side with relative ease. At the moment, 7 is the maximum amount of cards I could side out at once.

I'm now trying 2 Volcanic Queens in my saber side, its good cause it basically lock my opponent with Gozen Match. When going against Herald, sac Herald for Queen and activate Gozen match, sure, you might take that 2500 damage, BUT, your gonna burn your opponent alive. Against Samurai, yeah, he can summon Mizuho, and now what?

But this is all in theory of cause, I still have not went to any locals to test this out yet.

Hope this was a fun read!!

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