Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Supremacy SUN

So, before we get the other planets (Despair Uranus, Tripping Mercury, Grand Jupiter, Blazing Mars and Suspension Pluto), we get the bloody Sun?

Which is cool and all cause the Sun is just bloody cool. Hell, he looks like a god and would fit the requirements to be a Divine Beast if Kageyama Sensei wants him to be.


We can't have him be a god, hell, even the Polar Gods aren't gods, and for some reason Shueisha have completely forgotten about Osiris.

But Dark? Is that an attribute you give to the Sun?

Christ man! Why wouldn't Light do. It makes perfect sense if his light, but dark ? Not at all.

Why? If his Light, He'll be over Powered?

Yeah, if thats the case, make him water. Talk about Ironic!!

Lets move on shall we!

His (unconfirmed) effect is good.

While he can't be special summon aside from his own effect, he shouldn't be. If this dude is destroyed, ditch a card from your hand and you get to special summon him back in your next standby.

If this go unnerf, his gonna be even better than the polar gods.

Thats it for a day.

I'm looking for The Big Saturn and The Splendid Venus (the UR version of cause). Some one please hope me up with it!!


LFN said...

hmm a Planet Series card that's actually pretty decent :D

Anonymous said...

It's probably Dark because it's used by the antagonist.