Wednesday, December 8, 2010

TG- Hyper Librarian

This dude is a beast!

If this dude has more than 2000 attack, its gonna be the next Wisel (value wise).

Lets put aside his effect first and come back to it later.

Being a 5 Star Spellcaster Syncro has already made this thing a beast to start with.

Not having to tune with a spellcaster ... OMG! Broke!


1. Junk Syncron
2. MagiCat
3. Monster Reborn

This card can basically go into the spellcaster OTK deck I build years ago and make it twice the deck it was.

Going into his effect, draw a damn card when a syncro monster is successfully syncro summon...

You don't think that's broke? Ok, it isn't. BUT extremely useful, and in a syncro based OTK deck, this card can play an important role.

you : BUT from Shriek, it say when YOUR OPPONENT syncros!! Can't you read!?

me : go take a look at the pic I have above. Its written there

XXXまたは相手がシンクロ召喚成功した時 ... (XXX or your opponent successfully syncro summons)

YOU : maybe XXX can be the judge? It doesn't says you!!

yeah, and you mom's a guy.

I think this guy is GOOD, not broke (although I wrote a lot of Broke up there) and worth the rm16.

I can imagine this card being use by some Japanese dude in some OTK, and people will go like : WOW!! This shit is broke!


While Gokka and Vapor aren't that powerful, Mask Change is a killer!!

BUT, my real interest is in V HERO Adration!! Since its 2 HERO as the fusion material, if it has its manga effect(1 opponent monster attack is decrease by the attack of another (V) HERO), it'll not be broken ... but GOOD!

Release more V HERO and you don't have to release an E HERO + Dark, which is good!!

I don't wanna see Super Poly and Miracle Fusion getting hit!!

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BTMW_Anarchy said...

I heard that this card is a caster synchro.
If it's true, then it's miracle synchro. Junk+Synchro Fusionist=MSF+TG Libarian