Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Random Rant 1

This basically happen 2 days ago during the Malaysian open. Lam played against Herald of Perfection match 1. After he finished his round, he told us that he had sided in 3 Banisher of the Radiance (a card choice we both like very much against that deck). But the issue came when he said he somehow blew up Krytsia when Banisher was on the field, his opponent removed it from play instead of going on top of the deck.

I said, no! It'll still go on top of the deck. Naturally, everyone around (no judges thou) says other wise. And making good points to defend that as well. Out numbered, I shut up.

I remember that Krystia still get topped deck even if Macro is on the field (and Banisher does no different, unless other wise, but that isn't the point). I remember this VERY clearly cause I once planned to build a Herald deck myself and look into every card's rulling and watched game plays.

I remember this the most. Herald vs Macro Monarch on Nico Nico douga. The Monarch dude has Macro out or D Fissure. The Herald dude Sacs his Herald and another monster to his Krystia. The Monarch guy has like 200 life left and Caius in attack position, he flipped Mirror Force. The Herald guy took Krystia and placed it top deck.

Thats why I remember this very clearly.

I just remembered this issue a moment ago and went to YGO wikia to check it out (I know, its not 100% accurate but most of the time, and on cards that are making an impact on the meta, it is). Both the TCG and OCG rulling supports my point.

Not trying to bash anyone here, but just pointing this out so that no one would argue with me regarding this rulling issue again in the future.

On side note, I have found no effective way to side against Agents. I know they aren't THAT good, but my Sabers don't work that well against monster removal. Or maybe because I don't know how that deck was played (that was a problem, if your opponent has to ask what most of your cards do, you most probably will win the duel, quote ... someone...).

But overall, I still feel that Herald is the bigger threat, and I regret selling off my 3 copies of Light Imprisoning Mirror a few months ago. While the card is nothing but a common, its definitely gonna be an expensive one.

One thing can be certain from what I've seen in the Malaysian Open (or what ever its called), BF is slowly, but certainly DYING here. The more known BF players in KL, Zack and Sean both switch to Samurai. All of the more well known players here, aside from a few switched to Samurai. Of cause, that leaves out those players that I don't know that much, cause my friends list mostly resolves around people that comes to SW frequently. But seeing only one BF made top 8.

This is kinda disappointing to see because BF clearly is one of those deck that could compete with Samurai. But problem is that most of the better players in Malaysia don't wanna give the deck a second chance it seems ... I think ...

Just watch a video on Youtube posted by CapitalG, its about how some cards aren't that good this format. He picked BTH, Torrential and BOM. I mostly agree with what he said. BTH and Torrential aren't really that good in this format as I have early said. BOM not good is a pretty bold thing to say. But, the guy has some points.

G said that while BOM at 3 in most decks are godly, but not in ALL decks. There are some decks in the meta that just don't bother with the card. While its an 1 card out to a lot of decks, maining 3 of it can sometimes slow you down. This is evident as some of the decks winning or just randomly posted over at main-OCG -land is either siding it or dropping it completely like what they did for BTH. I'm not saying that the card ain't good now, but its not as good as you think it is. Firstly, whenever we wanna make a point, we have to look at the top deck, for our case, Samurai.

BOM CAN slow Samurai down. But its a BOM alone ain't doing much shit if you have nothing to back that play up. If my oppenent summons Mizuho or Shinai, I book it, the loop is broken and he doen't get to search. Correct, but look at how many decks playing that combo and win? If your opponent starts with Kageki, you can stop Shien from coming out, BUT you can't stop his spamming. And thats how most Samurai decks play. The only good thing BOM can do to Samurai is Book that Lone Kizan when its summon so Grandmaster and other Kizans could come out.

I'm not saying the card can't do shit against Samurai, but there are cards that could do a better job. 1 for 1 cards aren't gonna do, much to Samurai, AND BOM ain't even 1 for 1. Kageki and Kagemusha have huge asses by the way.

Problem with BOM is that we are so into the "we all need 3 of this" shit, that we don't see other good options for our deck. I can't find a good substitute YET, but if you keep this in mind, some of us might find it. The point I'm trying to make is, don't assume a card being a staple just because its good and it helps your deck. There might be other cards that is just as good or better, you just don't realize it.

Reinforced Truth is a good example of unexpected tech. We all know it could search out that Kagemusha for Shien. But most would drop this idea cause its not consistent ... or so we all logically thought. But a guy mained 3 of this and topped a 248 participant tourney over at OCGland.

Sorry to ruin your day with this long ass post!! Hope you don't wanna kill me for wasting your time and eyeball fluids!!

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