Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Working on a decklist!!

The Malaysian National is this Sunday. Asian format, meaning no promos (aside from game promos ). SD20 made Kristia a non-promo, so we are expected to see some amount of rise in Herald of Perfection, and Agents, which are not as weak as we think they are.

Of cause, the usual, Samurai, Debris Dande and BF are always gonna be there. Not to mention, out dated meta decks such as GB and Machina(which would be a pain in the ass if you don't side for them).

Me and Nick are gonna run non-META decks. He had decided upon something you guys might go OMG for. But, I've yet to decide. Lam ... he isn't sure if he could attend or not, cause, well, his working like a slave.

Gonna be building decks this week, so don't expect a lot of post. And I have college problem that I need to settle this week as well (bloody awful time table)!!

I'm seeing a decrease in maining BTH over at the land of the rising sun. Guess who ever wrote a certain post regarding that topic was right.

2 warnings or 3?

Compulse or D Prison?

20+ traps or 3 decree?


LFN said...

Something that makes us go OMG...
Crystal Beasts?
Earthbound Immortals? =D

LGQ said...

close ... very very close

mike said...


i know what!

is he copying ur build? or diff one?

BTMW_Anarchy said...

I guess it might be bad-end queen dragon?

Scroll_Lock said...

Competitive Neo-spacian?

LGQ said...

@mike : his nick, 1 thing he never do is copy a deck.

ghost said...

anti meta core chimail?